The Changing Tides

As a freshwater guy I don’t know much about tides, tidal charts, moon phases or anything else that could leave you high and dry and out of the fishing when you hit the salt. However, what I do know about tides is that they change. Change is good and we need to evolve in what we are doing in order to constantly grow. Think of it like this, when Gordon Gecko was walking in with the brick cell phone in the early ninety’s who would have thought that a few decades later we all would have more power in our hands than was on the Apollo 13 trip to the moon. Like I said change is good and evolving is paramount. Here is the new publishing schedule for Kayak Bass Adventures.

The blog will publish three days a week: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. I feel that there is enough content across the industry to keep it fresh and conversational. Here is a menu of how the days will break out and what will be covered:

  • Tuesday: Interviews with people within the fishing community. These could be fellow kayak anglers, FLW Pros, BASS Elite Pros or people in the Outdoor Retail sector.
  • Wednesday: I will talk about fashion, gear, new baits or some type of fishing related product. I like fashion!
  • Thursday: This will be a free for all with guest hosts, video blog or some sort of wacky life advice.

As you can see there is going to be a ton of action across Kayak Bass Adventures. I feel that the tide is rising for all of kayak fishing and especially kayak bass fishing, so jump on and ride the waves. I look forward to your comments and suggestions. As for tidal reports and conditions on the big water I leave that to my friends at 30 Miles Out and Yak Fish TVIMG_1023.



KBA’s Best of 2013!

Where would we be without innovation? This year has been an outstanding year of Innovative products for the Kayak Angler. All of these new products have improved the fishing experiences for those that have used them. These products are ranked in no particular order, so I hope you enjoy Kayak Bass Adventures Best of 2013.


Hobie Pro Angler 14: In my opinion this is the most outstanding fishing kayak on the market today. The Pro Angler has the size and stability to handle the largest bodies of water. Hobie has provided massive amounts of built in storage, from the front hatch with removable liner to the twist and seal hatch with retractable tackle management system. The crown jewel, for me, is the fully adjustable vantage seating. When you spend hours chasing bass it is helpful to have a seat that supports your back and sits high enough to give you fantastic leverage on fish. Lastly, this kayak offers multiple rod storage so you do not have to constantly retie your baits. The Pro Angler gives you six horizontal rod holders, along two vertical rod holders. For me the best kayak for 2013 is definitely the Hobie Pro Angler 14.

Hobie Outback: When I am not in the Pro Angler 14, I prefer the Hobie Outback. For creeks, rivers or small neighborhood ponds I feel this kayak gives me everything I need to be comfortable. Again, Hobie provides outstanding storage, above and below deck, the comfort of the Mirage drive for hands free fishing and the Lowrance ready mounting system for the fish finder. This kayak is light weight and allows me to handle with ease for loading and unloading.  

Kayak Accessories:

Yak Attack Black Pac:  This great innovation has changed the way I store my tackle and has greatly improved my organization on the water. The Black Pac is more than a milk crate offering you endless opportunities for rigging. A few of my favorite items on my Black Pac are my gear tracks. These allow me to mount my cameras in order to capture awesome video. I also have a spot for fish grips, pliers and marking buoys and the Hawg Trough. Kayak Bass Adventures believes this to be the best accessory of 2013!

Brute Outdoors: Nothing completes a Kayak more than a great cooler. The Brute Box is an outstanding product that offers thick insulated walls for maximum ice retention, two heavy duty cantilever latches, rubber gasket for extra tight seal, grab rails for easy carrying, over sized anti-skid rubber feet and multiple tie-down slots for cooler security. I have had numerous coolers and the Brute Box is for real! The Brute 25 fits perfectly behind your seat and allows for easy access. Lastly, the boxes are true to size, meaning that 25 – means actual 25 quart with room for long necks to stand straight up. The perfect kayak pair will be the Brute Box 25 on board and the Brute 50 back at camp. These are made in America and you will see the difference.

Yak Attack Zooka Tube w/ 8’ Parking Pole: I don’t use an anchor trolley because it doesn’t suit my style of fishing. I move a lot and try to cover max water. When I do need to hold a spot, such as grass, pads or timber I count on the Zooka Tube and 8’ Parking Pole.  I realize the primary function of the Zooka is for rod holding, but I have found it to be an excellent piece of equipment for the bass angler during the spring spawn. The reason I love it is because it is quick and easy to deploy and the 8’ Parking pole is a great weapon to push off gators or snakes that get to close for comfort. If you haven’t tried this application- try it.

Battery Pack & Pelican Case: I like simple and easy. This watertight case along with battery gives you security in knowing that you battery is safe from moisture and from the damage caused from dropping. When you have to charge it is charged in the case. I call this my battery brief case and don’t leave home without it.

Supernova Fishing Lights: These bad boys hit the kayak scene this year and took night fishing to the next level. I currently don’t have a set, but when the kayak goes into dry dock this season you can rest assure that we will be installing a set. I like these because they also go along with safety and being seen. I look forward providing a full report next season. From those that I know that have them, it was their Ah Ha moment for fishing after dark.  Great job Supernova!

Fishing Electronics:

Lowrance Electronics: You can’t go wrong with any of the HDS – Gen 2 series of products, enough said!

Hydrowave Mini: This is one of those products that will have doubters, but I have seen it in action and it’s the real deal. Whether you are a tournament angler or a weekend warrior you will put more fish in the boat when you fire up the Hydrowave.

Fishing Rods:

Temple Fork Outfitters: There is not a more quality, well balanced or greater feeling rod than the TFO GTS rods. These rods are lightweight, extra fast at the tip and have amazing feel. One of the things that make a TFO Rod is the tactical series guide with machined stainless steel inserts that are super-hard chrome anodized then swaged into a chromium- impregnated stainless frame. I say all that to say its tough and saltwater safe. TFO rod blanks are selected by Gary Loomis and engineered to the highest quality. I personally prefer the 7’-3’’ GTS in Medium, Medium Heavy, Heavy and X-tra Heavy. Can’t wait to tell all you guys what is coming down the pipe for 2014!

Outdoor Clothing:

Columbia Sportswear: We are all out in many different elements over the course of the season. I have found that Columbia meets all the challenges. A few things to check out is, anything in the Omni-Heat line as well all their performance fishing gear clothing. It’s highly important that you are comfortable and look sharp, Columbia Sportswear brings it all together.

Well, there it is – The Best of 2013! Hope you guys will check out these products and companies and discover the difference it will make in your fishing experience. There is one great retailer to look to when you are searching for quality kayak angling gear and that is the fine folks at Mariner-Sails. You will not find a more knowledgeable and helpful staff anywhere. Feel free to stop by the showroom or shop on line at




Plan Ahead For Your Health


Everyone loves to plan that next great adventure. I love looking into the future and putting together good trips that will be fun and memorable. I believe Payne’s Paddle Fish wrote about the excitement and anticipation of a trip, as it draws near. With the New Year upon us and a new fishing season on the horizon let’s dive deeper into ways you can stay at the top of your physical game and improve your health so that you can make the most of your inshore or off shore adventures.

In our last post we listed thirteen ways that you could improve your physical situation with the right nutrition. Today we want to break down numbers one and two. The first thing that you are going to have to get your mind around is changing the way you think about your foods. I believe we said you need to identify the foods that cause you the most problems, whether its candy, soda, popcorn or fast food these have to be pinned down and addressed. Secondly, finding a good replacement for these foods and identify the carbohydrates that will work for your benefit.

When looking for healthy snacks I generally look to uncooked veggies, such as Broccoli, Carrots, Celery, and Green Peppers. I look at these foods as my chips. If I have to have chips I roll with Blue Corn Chips from UTZ Organic. I found these are all natural and great tasting!  Breads and pasta can play a huge roll in weight gain. When you find yourself at restaurant severing bread before meals – stay away. If you can’t stay away from bread or pasta try going with Wheat bread, Wheat crackers or Wheat pasta. These healthy solutions will satisfy your craving while not adding the additional weight. Balance and portion size are key to your success. For more good information and healthy foods click here.

Whether you are planning a life change or a kayak fishing adventure you must prepare yourself and plan for the event. It doesn’t take time to prepare snacks and small meals in advance so that when you are hungry you are not seduced by the foods that lead you down the wrong path. Set up a start date and find friends that will work with you to achieve your goals. I have found that by having a partner to keep you accountable and bounce things off of is the best recipe for success! Should you find yourself needing a group or a way to get started feel free to shoot me a comment and I will hook you up with some good folks that can help you get to where you want to go. This off season commit to a better you and you will see great results during the coming season. Results are measured on your personal satisfaction, energy level and overall wellness. Don’t be the guy or girl that takes good health for granted. You can make a difference in just a few short weeks. As always, whenever you are making drastic change in diet or exercises consult your medical professional.


13 Steps To The New You!

Kayak Bass Adventures is committed to promoting exercise and good health throughout the kayak angling community. We have spent some time talking about different exercises and stretches that will help you in the yak and in your day to day walk of life. Over the next several weeks I would like to focus on thirteen steps that will lead to a new you for 2014. Kayak Angling is a demanding sport and it requires you to be in the best possible shape so that you can have the best experience on the water.  Listed below are the thirteen steps that will put you in the starting blocks for a new an improved you.

  1. Identify and Get Rid of The Foods That Cause You The Most Problems!
  2. Focus On Good Carbohydrates!
  3. Stock Up On Fresh Vegetables, Protein and Healthy Carbohydrates.
  4. Stock Up On Healthy Foods, That You Don’t Have To Prepare – SNACKS!
  5. Space Meals & Snacks 2 1/2 Hours Apart.
  6. Breakfast Is Not Negotiable, it’s A Must!
  7. Use the Right Energy Drinks To Keep Your Energy Up Throughout the Day.
  8. Drink At Least 1 Gallon of Water Per Day.
  9. Eat A Sensible Dinner!
  10.  Have A Small After Dinner Snack – Healthy!
  11. Have the After Dinner Snack 2 Hours Before Bed.
  12. Drink A Night Time Refresher, Prior to Bed. This is Not an Alcoholic Beverage!
  13. Take, Quality, Omega 3 Supplement.

Over the next several blogs we will explore these steps further and give you some insight and deeper explanation of how to follow this plan to a new and improved you. Kayak Angling demands a ton from your body and we want you to be prepared to take on whatever you are dealt while out in the elements. You have to have a plan before you can set out! The items above, if followed correctly, will provide you with a solid game plan. I hope you enjoy diving deeper and commit to being your best in the upcoming year!


Cold Weather Gear Available At Mariner-Sails

The time has come to put away the shorts and grab the jackets and hoodies! This is not my favorite time of the year because I don’t like the cold weather! However, fish still bite in the winter months and to take advantage of the opportunites you must be geared correctly to be comfortable and safe on the water.

Last week Mariner-Sails gave me the opporunity to showcase a few items in this short video clip. The great thing about the gear at MAriner-Sails is that it available in every price range. Take a few minutes and look at the great winter line and feel free to stop in and try it all out. The guys at the store will be more than happy to help you out and answer any questions you have on these excellent products!


Great Friends And Good Baits

ImageHaving great friends are priceless and finding outstanding, versatile, bait is sometimes just as good. I can’t say enough great things about the Keitech Swing Impact Fat. I love throwing small to medium sized soft swimbaits and the Keitech fits the bill for my style of fishing. Over the last week I have had outstanding success with this bait. I prefer to use the 4.8 variety due to targeting larger fish during the fall feed up. The above hawg was caught by my good friend Scott Ogg earlier this week. He was skeptical about the bait, due to the cost but after reeling in quality fish after quality fish he is sold! Great job Scott and I look forward to being on the water with you soon.

I have tried to put my finger on why this bait is working so well for me and it boils down to a couple of different things. First, the colors of these baits are excellent and seem to blend well in clear or lightly stained water. Second, is the action of this bait with the ribs and the paddle tail, moves a ton of water. When you take it out of the package you will feel the difference versus other brands of plastic swimbaits. It starts for me with the salt that they place in the body. The bait is heavily salted and gives it great weight. I have fished it weightless in newly flooded grass or timber, thank you recent rains, with good success. I also like using the 1/8” weighted belly hook as well for deeper applications. I will be looking forward to fishing it on a jig head on the next outing. All in all this bait works for me because I can use in varying applications which cuts down on the amount of soft plastic swimbaits I have to carry. Even though I fish out of the Hobie PA 14, which can handle tons of tackle and rods, by narrowing down my choice I save room and spend more time fishing instead of wondering what to do next. Like I have said before it all boils down to confidence and right know I have extreme confidence in the Keitech Swing Impact Fat.  Check them out at and experience the violent strike for yourself.


First Steps Into A Bright Future


Last week we spent some time recapping personal experience during the Texas Kayak Bass Fishing Open Championship. Still one, if not the best, kayak fishing tournaments I have been associated with. This week I want to focus on what statewide, regional or even national tournaments do for the kayak fishing community.

Here are a few quick takeaways on why I believe large statewide or regional tournaments will accelerate the growth of Kayak Bass Fishing.

  1. This style of event was exciting due to it being hosted on a neutral field and having no off limits. I like the fact that I didn’t have to commit multiple weekends for pre-fishing. I also thought anyone had the chance to win due to the selected lake.
  2. When you put a group of talented folks together great ideas are born and successful strategies are discussed. For me, this take away doesn’t include fishing. I really enjoyed talking with guys and brainstorming how to improve the sport and continue to map a path for success in Texas and the Southwest region.
  3. Names with faces. For me this was a great opportunity to put names, handles and faces together all at once. Kayak fishing is a community and whenever you can create relationships, other than online, it drives the bond deeper. I new quite a few folks before going, but it were the folks I met for the first time that had a huge impact on me.
  4. Great causes bring together everyone’s resources. Having Heroes on the Water benefiting from out raffle not only helps their organization, but it gives the sponsors a sense that our community is one that gives back. It’s always great to honor folks who have sacrificed for you. I believe the kayak community is one of the most generous and genuine groups out there; eager to help those in need and honoring those who deserve honor.
  5. Tournaments are about payouts and this one didn’t disappoint. To continue to create awareness and grow our tournament trails we have to have large purses for the winners. Kayak angling reminds me of the X-Games, before it became main stream. I believe with everyone’s help we can grow next years’ field to over one hundred and offer the payouts that will attract more folks into the sport. We have some great mouth pieces and promoters, but it’s going to take everyone sharing and inviting new guys for this thing of ours to really take off.

In summary to grow our sport we have to have: Exciting Events, Talented People, Relationship Driven Community, Causes Bigger Than Ourselves and Large Payouts.  I feel these criteria were all represented on Lake Houston County. Again, hats off to all the organizers and for everyone that took the time to participate in the event. It’s going to be great to look back in five years and say that you fished the first Texas Kayak Bass Fishing Open! We are on the threshold and it’s up to us to promote and bring it through the door. By growing the sport we all benefit. I look forward to your thoughts, feel free to chime in and leave a comment.