First Steps Into A Bright Future


Last week we spent some time recapping personal experience during the Texas Kayak Bass Fishing Open Championship. Still one, if not the best, kayak fishing tournaments I have been associated with. This week I want to focus on what statewide, regional or even national tournaments do for the kayak fishing community.

Here are a few quick takeaways on why I believe large statewide or regional tournaments will accelerate the growth of Kayak Bass Fishing.

  1. This style of event was exciting due to it being hosted on a neutral field and having no off limits. I like the fact that I didn’t have to commit multiple weekends for pre-fishing. I also thought anyone had the chance to win due to the selected lake.
  2. When you put a group of talented folks together great ideas are born and successful strategies are discussed. For me, this take away doesn’t include fishing. I really enjoyed talking with guys and brainstorming how to improve the sport and continue to map a path for success in Texas and the Southwest region.
  3. Names with faces. For me this was a great opportunity to put names, handles and faces together all at once. Kayak fishing is a community and whenever you can create relationships, other than online, it drives the bond deeper. I new quite a few folks before going, but it were the folks I met for the first time that had a huge impact on me.
  4. Great causes bring together everyone’s resources. Having Heroes on the Water benefiting from out raffle not only helps their organization, but it gives the sponsors a sense that our community is one that gives back. It’s always great to honor folks who have sacrificed for you. I believe the kayak community is one of the most generous and genuine groups out there; eager to help those in need and honoring those who deserve honor.
  5. Tournaments are about payouts and this one didn’t disappoint. To continue to create awareness and grow our tournament trails we have to have large purses for the winners. Kayak angling reminds me of the X-Games, before it became main stream. I believe with everyone’s help we can grow next years’ field to over one hundred and offer the payouts that will attract more folks into the sport. We have some great mouth pieces and promoters, but it’s going to take everyone sharing and inviting new guys for this thing of ours to really take off.

In summary to grow our sport we have to have: Exciting Events, Talented People, Relationship Driven Community, Causes Bigger Than Ourselves and Large Payouts.  I feel these criteria were all represented on Lake Houston County. Again, hats off to all the organizers and for everyone that took the time to participate in the event. It’s going to be great to look back in five years and say that you fished the first Texas Kayak Bass Fishing Open! We are on the threshold and it’s up to us to promote and bring it through the door. By growing the sport we all benefit. I look forward to your thoughts, feel free to chime in and leave a comment.