Going Coastal

If it’s not one thing it’s another. I have just put out the flames from Saturdays performance at the North Texas Kayak Trail and moved on to my next adventure. Going coastal with Slow and Low Coastal Outfitters; I will admit that I know nothing about the salt. So I took my own advice and decided instead of frustrating myself with trying to learn everything I need to know in a few hours and having it end with disaster I would just hire a guide. After my phone call with PJ I was extremely pumped to find out the reds are shallow and that the trip is going to an excellent adventure. I went to bed happy and looking forward to next Tuesday, when I will attempt to tame the sea.


Fast forward form that happy moment and pleasant dream to this morning. I went out to my truck and found that it wouldn’t start. It started for a nanosecond and then abruptly died. My amateur mechanic status led me to believe that it was the fuel pump. It seems to always happen. However, I’m not going to let one dark cloud get in the way of a great family vacation and a kayak adventure of a lifetime.  Like I always say, onward and upward, pressing ahead.


In looking back over the last few weeks and all the time I spent preparing for the tournament only to have nature deal me a 20 mph wind and the truck ordeal of today it leads me to count my blessings. First, I am thankful that I have a great family that supports me and allows me to pursue my kayak fishing dream. Second, that I have a great wife, who lets me take a day out of family vacation, to have a salt water adventure. Third, that I have a great bunch of people that support my efforts and take time to read my rants. I appreciate everything the sport allows me to do and for allowing me to be an ambassador for products, manufacturers and friends to many folks I wouldn’t know, if not for kayak angling. Lastly, I would like to think the bass I caught, while pre-fishing, for its corporation. Remembering that fish and all the people above make days like today easier to deal with!

I can’t wait until next week and some R&R on the beaches of the Emerald Coast. I will post a full report and hopefully some great video as well. So until next time….