Awesome Weekend With The Mariner-Sails & Hobie Team

Kayak Bass Adventures Bash 2013-1

I recently had the opportunity to work with some folks that have never been around kayaks or kayak angling. This opportunity came in part to the Hobie booth that was sponsored by Mariner Sails at the Rockwall Boat Show. The event was great and I was even able to brush up on my personal product knowledge, which is always helpful. I took many things away from this weekends event and here are just a few.

First, the Hobie line up is simply outstanding. It is great to work with a manufactuer that understands all components of the market they serve. I spoke to several folks who had no desire to fish, but a desire to go fast and have a kayak with superior handling so I reffered them to the trained pro’s from Mariner-Sails. My fist love is to the anglers so I didn’t venture far away from the Outbacks, Adventure Islands and Pro Anglers. One of the greatest improvements in the line up was making all the fishing kayaks Lowrance ready. This one feature has saved me time and numerous headaches from trail and error.

Secondly, how fast weather can change on the water. Most of you reading this post are expierenced anglers and kayakers but we need to be reminded to always watch the sky. Good times can turn rough in meer seconds. Make sure you get the jump on the storm and that you are proactive in your safety and the safety of your party.

Lastly, people have a strong need to belong to something. Whether it’s church, sports teams, fishing teams or whatever. I was asked over again about what clubs, organizations and forums are available to the beginner. I was quick in my response of the Mariner-Sails Fishing Club, Texas Fishing Forum, Paynes Paddle Fish and other social sites. Community is what kayaking angling is to me. I know we have a great time competing and talking smack but at the end of the day we are all a community!

The reason for the picture of my kayak is because she is beatuiful when she’s all shined up! Ready to take on the Texas Kayak Bass Open, October 5th, 2013. Hopefully some live updates and live tweeting from the event. Stay Tuned….


It’s Going To Be A Great Weekend For Hobie Kayak Demos!


I Hope everyone enjoyed the weather over the weekend. This time of the year is so refreshing after a long, hot and dry Summer. This is also a great time of the year to attend kayak demos. When you are shopping for a new kayak it is always important to give everything a paddle or a pedal to make sure it is going to fit your needs. Follow the link, below, to the Rockwall Boat Show. Mariner-Sails will have a full line up of great kayaks for you to try. Feel free to come out and ask me anything about the Hobie line up. I look forward to seeing you and talking kayaking, fishing or anything else that’s on your mind.