Three Steps To Great Father & Son Time On The Water

Three Steps To Great Father & Son Time On The Water

Fishing is a big deal to me. I have tried for a couple of years to instill that passion in my twelve year old son and finally he has caught the bug. Spending quality time on the water with my son is important o me because it is something he and I can share for a lifetime. I love looking at the photos and reading posts on forums about how a dad of 79 and son in his early 50’s are still getting it done in kayaks. My hope is that my son and I can share this bond for many years years to come. Here are three things I have observed about my son and I’s fishing relationship.

  • Let The Game Come To You. I have learned that by having my son innate the fishing conversation he takes it more seriously and is a better listener when receiving instructions.
  • Fish On A Kids Terms. I can fish for hours in any type of weather, kids usually cannot. I found that by breaking the trip up into segments of 1-2 hours help hold attention and will not burn out your child.
  • Don’t Take It To Seriously. Remember you are fishing with a kid so don’t beat them down with over the top instruction and always encourage them, even when they backlash your best bait caster!

When Jack and I head to the lake I want to make sure he has a great time, learns a few things and enjoys being outside. I learned by taking the laid back approach to fishing with my son works best for all of us and fosters great memories and anticipation of our next trip. Of course it always helps to have great fishing action whether its fishing for bass or catching a ton of perch on Ultralight equipment. For all of us Dads out there I know there are no better words you can hear on the the lake than when your son yells, “Hey Dad I got one!”


Lighting The Way!

Lighting The Way!

The regulars who read this blog know that I have a massive addition to tackle or anything shiny and new! That is why when I found out about Supernova Fishing Lights I went crazy and had to have them on my Hobie Pro Angler 14. I have also come to know Dez Davis, owner and major domo who leads this, genius, product to the market. There are so many great characteristics about Dez and my favorite is that he can always be counted on to educate, talk and support the kayaking community about his product. Here are some reasons that I feel that Supernova Fishing Lights are the only choice for Kayak Bass Adventures.
The Supernova Fishing Light is different than other LED lights because they are 100% incased and sealed making them submersible and 100% saltwater safe. Simply said they are going to last, last, and last.
The Supernova Fishing Light is easy to install. That is a huge deal for me because I am not a guy who knows his way around anything mechanical. Just ask Shaun Russell. Seriously, these kayak fishing light kits come with plenty of wire so you can reach the hard to get to spots without having to splice. Dez thinks forward with his products and makes them easy to use.
Multiple colors are available and custom kits can be tailored for your personal tastes. I like to use the blue strips because they light up structures at casting distance and the UV qualities work well in lighting up your line so you can see the slightest tick. The green is another favorite because it is bright and attracts baitfish, usually by the thousands. I personally use green for my cockpit strips as they render color the best. White strips are available for tank wells so you can locate gear or an adult beverage while stalking your favorite honey hole.
The biggest reason Kayak Bass Adventures chooses Supernova Fishing Lights is because they are 100% assembled in Texas, USA – Baby. Dez keeps it local and that’s saying something in a market where people are always trying to save a buck and cut costs by importing. The safety aspect is a given. In a kayak in the early morning or late evening you want to be seen and Supernova lights you up! If you looking for a set of the best LED’s on the market you need to check out, and tell them Kayak Bass Adventures sent you!

Supernova Fishing Lights - Lighting The Future of Kayak Fishing!

Supernova Fishing Lights – Lighting The Future of Kayak Fishing!


Learn Something New Everyday

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Xcite Baits pro, James Biggs. As a weekend warrior and amateur outdoor media guy I was excited to hear from someone that is competing at one of the highest levels in bass fishing. This year James finished seventeenth in his first Forrest Wood Cup, so obviously he has skins on the wall and knowledge that we can all take with us to the water.

My biggest questions seem to center around techniques and baits. As you all know, I have a small tackle problem and am easily swayed into the popular tactic of the moment. Putting that front and center I asked James how he developed his skills in fishing different styles. The first thing that he said to me was fish with what you are comfortable and confident with. Well, examining my tackle selection that can change by the minute. In drilling deeper in the question of how do you get comfortable and confident he said practice. When you aspire to be a great tournament fisherman you have to be versed in mucho tactics. His advice to me was to only take the bait that I wanted to learn and throw it for an entire month. During that month you should gain the knowledge of how it works, how you can modify it and the best conditions to throw it in.
The next topic was about learning and listening. When you are coming up in the sport don’t be afraid to ask questions, go to demo days and seminars. To master anything you have to put the time in. I think that a lot of us, me included, just expect to roll up to lake, throw the bait in and hold on for the Double Digit that is assured to bite. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. In order to fish at the level of touring pros or great club guys you have to do the research, ask the questions and spend the time on the water learning what you’re doing.

It is always good to sit at the feet of the master, but it’s what you take what you have learned from the meeting and better yourself with the information. Here are my three quick takeaways: Be Confident, Never Stop Asking Questions and Put in The Time! These three things will make you a better person and also improve your bass fishing. We’d love to hear from you guys and what you think so feel free to drop us a comment.



All You Have To Is Ask

Who says all kids do is hang on the phone and hover around video games? All it took to get this guy out on the water was an invitation, turned out he’s a natural. The next generation depends on you.

Gettin’ Jiggy With it!

photo (3)

I love tackle! You can almost say that I have a habit that would rival those who are hooked on other substances. Seriously, my tackle bill has grown and grown, so I have been placed on a budget by the high command. With new budget in place this has lead me to new soul searching. No more are the days of looking at Bassmaster, FLW or Bass Angler Magazine to find out what the latest is and then roll to the local tackle shop for a purchase. I’m going to miss those days, but now I might be able to retire before I’m dead.

Looking deep into the SD cards from the 2013 season I saw the same pattern emerge every time I was holding a quality fish. The pattern was that I caught it on a jig. Not just any jig but a Santone Jig. I have always known that jigs are big fish baits but for some reason I would be sucked up by the perfumed inner thigh of what was trending. Well, no more. I have decided to become a minimalist when tackle is involved. Heck, I purchased enough last year for the entire 2014 season. However, one thing is clear and that is that I will be upgrading my collection of Jigs. As I am writing, I am reviewing the 2014 catalog for Santone and man it looks great!  The catalog is loaded with new colors and everything you could possibly need for your jig needs. Upon further review, the jig is now my confidence bait! Santone Lures provides the quality and reputation that I depend on when the big fish comes knocking. So if you’ve been placed on a budget and need to examine which baits produce the biggest fish then take a look at Santone. There’s a reason jigs are tied on and sit on the front deck of every boat from FLW to Bassmaster Elites.

Do find yourself getting caught up in the tackle marketing wars? If you are like me and are a sucker for the next great thing, take a deep breath and put it down. Keep it simple with some of the most proven tactics. That is what Santone Lures have done for me. They have helped me minimize my options, think less and fish more. I would love to hear your thoughts and what is working best for you. Whether you agree or disagree it, heck we’re all chasing the passion. I hope your 2014 season is off to a great start and that you have the opportunity to land the fish of your dreams this year.


Kayak Bass Adventures Show Open

Many of you know that broadcasting is one of my passions. I want to thank a good friend who worked with KBA on this video. It is our goal to always bring the best quality to you and we are constantly trying to improve. I appreciate all of you for reading and supporting what we are building in the Kayak Bass Fishing Community. We are still working on the finishing touches for the open so stay tuned! 2014, is going to be a great year. Thanks again to Chad Campell with Mediaforce for making this happen.

Plan Ahead For Your Health


Everyone loves to plan that next great adventure. I love looking into the future and putting together good trips that will be fun and memorable. I believe Payne’s Paddle Fish wrote about the excitement and anticipation of a trip, as it draws near. With the New Year upon us and a new fishing season on the horizon let’s dive deeper into ways you can stay at the top of your physical game and improve your health so that you can make the most of your inshore or off shore adventures.

In our last post we listed thirteen ways that you could improve your physical situation with the right nutrition. Today we want to break down numbers one and two. The first thing that you are going to have to get your mind around is changing the way you think about your foods. I believe we said you need to identify the foods that cause you the most problems, whether its candy, soda, popcorn or fast food these have to be pinned down and addressed. Secondly, finding a good replacement for these foods and identify the carbohydrates that will work for your benefit.

When looking for healthy snacks I generally look to uncooked veggies, such as Broccoli, Carrots, Celery, and Green Peppers. I look at these foods as my chips. If I have to have chips I roll with Blue Corn Chips from UTZ Organic. I found these are all natural and great tasting!  Breads and pasta can play a huge roll in weight gain. When you find yourself at restaurant severing bread before meals – stay away. If you can’t stay away from bread or pasta try going with Wheat bread, Wheat crackers or Wheat pasta. These healthy solutions will satisfy your craving while not adding the additional weight. Balance and portion size are key to your success. For more good information and healthy foods click here.

Whether you are planning a life change or a kayak fishing adventure you must prepare yourself and plan for the event. It doesn’t take time to prepare snacks and small meals in advance so that when you are hungry you are not seduced by the foods that lead you down the wrong path. Set up a start date and find friends that will work with you to achieve your goals. I have found that by having a partner to keep you accountable and bounce things off of is the best recipe for success! Should you find yourself needing a group or a way to get started feel free to shoot me a comment and I will hook you up with some good folks that can help you get to where you want to go. This off season commit to a better you and you will see great results during the coming season. Results are measured on your personal satisfaction, energy level and overall wellness. Don’t be the guy or girl that takes good health for granted. You can make a difference in just a few short weeks. As always, whenever you are making drastic change in diet or exercises consult your medical professional.