Kayak Bass Fishing gets National Spotlight

Recently, the sport of Kayak Bass Fishing has been getting some welcomed exposure. I was contact by the editor of the online publication “The Outpost Magazine”. I really appreciate their time and energy in putting this article together. Please check out the article- complete with video! Also, sign up to receive the monthly publication.

Go to TheOutpostMagazine.com and click on Current Issue.

Happy Fishing.

Fishing is and will always be a #1

Fishing is and will always be a #1 passion for me. However, over the last month I have taken time away to train for two very important events. Last August the world lost a contributor. Although he was a young man he left his mark on this life with his personality, creativeness and honor. His name is Connor Gage. Connor was an avid runner and this Saturday marks the first 5k run, in his honor. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday than with friends honoring a great kids memory.