What A Year!

It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone! As you get older you begin to think about everything that went into the year that was from new friendships, opportunities and the experiences you had on the water. It’s funny that whenever you take time to reflect you seldom remember the negative. This year was an outstanding year for Kayak Bass Adventures achieving some benchmarks, analyzing setbacks and having a great time navigating the map to Living The Dream!

We would like to think all of our partners that make Kayak Bass Adventures happen; from our product relationships to our production company and to our financial backers that saw the passion and took a shot on us this year. We look forward to continuing our relationship while we navigate the higher roads leading to the summit. We realize that without the support of our friends, partners and backers that we could not do what we do.

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To all our friends and audience that we met this year thank you guys for your support. Our top priority for 2015 will be to continually produce content that’s worth your time. Looking back it has been a big year and we look forward to what is to come. There is plenty of opportunity out there for those wanting to Live The Adventure!
Happy New Year!

Great Time At Kayak Bass Adventures Bash 2014

Great Time At Kayak Bass Adventures Bash 2014


Kayak Bass Adventures is pleased to announce that we just raised over $20,000 for Heroes on the Water – our chosen charity and a fabulous organization committed to helping our injured military personnel.

The funds – $20,812.65 to be exact – were raised at our Second Annual Poker Tournament on October 2 hosted at the Colleyville, Texas home of Terry Sandlin, a principal of Sandlin Homes. This is the second year in a row that we held this fundraiser for this worthy cause, bringing our total raised to almost $50,000.
I first learned of Heroes on the Water at a bass fishing tournament – and was so touched by the veteran’s story and so impressed by the organization that I wanted myself and my fellow bass fisherman buddies to do our part. Heroes on the Water helps our nation’s veterans from all branches of the military unwind using the therapeutic qualities of fishing from kayaks. Founded in 2007, this unique fishing program gives these warriors a chance to decompress from the stresses associated with combat and the rigorous physical and mental rehabilitation they must endure when they get back.  Guided fishing trips are hosted for these veterans by Heroes on the Water and held in local communities around the country. Funds raised at our Poker Tournament will go directly to help hold more events.
I can’t think of a better way to support our community as well as our military than this worthwhile cause. It was an honor just to be involved. I have experienced such joy from my fishing that I am always looking for opportunities to share it with others and what could be better than combining honoring our serviceman with the opportunity to get out on the water and enjoy nature?
At the event, participants enjoyed a fabulous dinner, played poker and took part in a raffle. Top prizes included an Ipad, gift cards, exclusive fishing equipment and a Hobie kayak. The winner of this grand prize kayak kept the love flowing and donated it to the Heroes on the Water organization. For more information, visit their website at http://www.HeroesOnTheWater.com and consider your own fundraiser as well!
I would like to extend some special thanks to our sponsors and those who donated raffle items including
Title Sponsor- Valley-Dynamo, the largest manufacturer of pool tables, air hockey tables and foosball tables
Table Sponsors – Valley-Dynamo, Mariner-Sails, Champs Americana, Dominic Via, Guild Mortgage, Sandlin Homes.
Partner Sponsors – Hot On Homes, Anderson-Hanson-Blanton, Perry Hix, The Getz Team,
Product Sponsors – Temple Fork Outfitters, Smith Optics, Brute Outdoors, Hobie Fishing, Xcite Baits
And of course, to our poker players for their participation and donations!
If you missed the fun this year, mark your calendars for next September and be sure to join us again!

The Power of One

When we were kids and someone gave us a penny it wasn’t a big deal. Mainly it was a hassle and what can you buy with one cent. I thought this up and to the point that I was told about the power of one.

The power of one showed me that even when I think I’m not getting thru or doing something that is memorable I do still have an effect on people. That’s the key! Whatever you do and whoever you are in contact with have the potential to catch a part of your passion and spread the word. One to one, to hundreds, to thousands to millions – you never know.

Many of you know that Heroes on the Water is special to Kayak Bass Adventures. Below is the impact that one, small, event had for the organization. Whether you give of time, talent or money it is important for those who are spreading cheer, peace and good times on the water for some of Americas heroes. I would invite anyone reading this to check out Heroes on the Water. These guys are changing lives and you can help!


Take Time To Remember



“A nation that does not honor it’s heroes, will not long endure.” – President Abraham Lincoln 

This weekend marks the official start of the summer season. I know that after the polar vortex that many of us suffered through this winter we are looking forward to the sun on our face and the rod loading up with the catch of the day. While you are enjoying that time with family and friends take a minute and remember what this weekend is about. Service, Leadership and Honor come to mind when I remember those who paid the ultimate price. 

I enjoy supporting Heroes on the Water. It’s just not about the fishing for me but it’s about hearing the stories of the guys that have served and what they lost during that service. Heroes on the Water takes wounded men and women out on the water so they can enjoy a day of kayak fishing. Our local Dallas / Forth Worth chapter does an outstanding job of blending a great time with beneficial healing power. If you haven’t had an opportunity to get involved check out their website, you will be glad you did.

As I put out my flag this weekend I will remember those who have served, been injured and who have given their all to protect my freedoms. Kayak Bass Adventures wishes you and your families a great weekend and remembers those who make that possible!




Awesome Weekend With The Mariner-Sails & Hobie Team

Kayak Bass Adventures Bash 2013-1

I recently had the opportunity to work with some folks that have never been around kayaks or kayak angling. This opportunity came in part to the Hobie booth that was sponsored by Mariner Sails at the Rockwall Boat Show. The event was great and I was even able to brush up on my personal product knowledge, which is always helpful. I took many things away from this weekends event and here are just a few.

First, the Hobie line up is simply outstanding. It is great to work with a manufactuer that understands all components of the market they serve. I spoke to several folks who had no desire to fish, but a desire to go fast and have a kayak with superior handling so I reffered them to the trained pro’s from Mariner-Sails. My fist love is to the anglers so I didn’t venture far away from the Outbacks, Adventure Islands and Pro Anglers. One of the greatest improvements in the line up was making all the fishing kayaks Lowrance ready. This one feature has saved me time and numerous headaches from trail and error.

Secondly, how fast weather can change on the water. Most of you reading this post are expierenced anglers and kayakers but we need to be reminded to always watch the sky. Good times can turn rough in meer seconds. Make sure you get the jump on the storm and that you are proactive in your safety and the safety of your party.

Lastly, people have a strong need to belong to something. Whether it’s church, sports teams, fishing teams or whatever. I was asked over again about what clubs, organizations and forums are available to the beginner. I was quick in my response of the Mariner-Sails Fishing Club, Texas Fishing Forum, Paynes Paddle Fish and other social sites. Community is what kayaking angling is to me. I know we have a great time competing and talking smack but at the end of the day we are all a community!

The reason for the picture of my kayak is because she is beatuiful when she’s all shined up! Ready to take on the Texas Kayak Bass Open, October 5th, 2013. Hopefully some live updates and live tweeting from the event. Stay Tuned….


It’s Going To Be A Great Weekend For Hobie Kayak Demos!


I Hope everyone enjoyed the weather over the weekend. This time of the year is so refreshing after a long, hot and dry Summer. This is also a great time of the year to attend kayak demos. When you are shopping for a new kayak it is always important to give everything a paddle or a pedal to make sure it is going to fit your needs. Follow the link, below, to the Rockwall Boat Show. Mariner-Sails will have a full line up of great kayaks for you to try. Feel free to come out and ask me anything about the Hobie line up. I look forward to seeing you and talking kayaking, fishing or anything else that’s on your mind.




The Crossfit world crowned the “Fittest on Earth” last weekend at the Crossfit Games in Los Angles. Even though, I am nowhere near an elite athlete I took some things away that I believe will help me with my fishing, fitness and overall wellness. The take a way is, training and conditioning are paramount in being able to live your life to the fullest. We are asked to do some strenuous things and are put into strange positions on our kayaks. Do you have what you need to go ten hours on the water and not have to take the full, next, day to recover?

This weekend I had the privilege to share the stage with some giants of the kayak fishing world. The event was a fund raiser for Heroes on The Water, hosted by Mariner Sails – Dallas. The industry top performers, Chris Payne, Shaun Russell and Luther Cifers all spoke about topics ranging from lighting to what Yak-Attack product works well with another. It was truly an outstanding program put together by those guys. By the way, when you’re looking for practical advice on anything kayak related these guys are an excellent resource.

The time came for me to take the stage and I wanted to speak from the heart regarding physical fitness. I remember saying that you can have all the greatest accessories on the market, but if you don’t have the stamina to get out there; you have nothing! I did about 20 minutes on some small stretches and exercises that will benefit you as a kayak angler. If you missed it check out the fitness tab and grab a few of those mobility exercises. After the talk I was blown away by the amount of folks that came up and said I was spot on and told me their stories of how fitness had changed their fishing. Remember, You Are The Engine! Keep your engine running longer and faster by taking care of it!

I wanted to give you the definition, Crossfit = Constantly Varied, High Intensity, Functional Movement. I can’t think of anything that says kayak angler other than those three items. Everything varies in our sport, from the weather to the seasons to the wind. We are the kings of varied. High Intensity, just come to a North Texas Kayak Trail or North Texas Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament, doesn’t get more intense than those places.  Now we get to the part that not everyone may be comfortable with, Functional Movement. If you can’t reach behind you to grab the net, if you are in more pain after a day on the water than a day in the yard you may have mobility or functional movement issues. We get put in a lot of strange positions on the water. By ensuring your level of fitness is high you will perform to your peak both on and off the water. Don’t lose time on the water due to not taking care of yourself. To the guys I spoke to at the event on Saturday