What A Year!

It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone! As you get older you begin to think about everything that went into the year that was from new friendships, opportunities and the experiences you had on the water. It’s funny that whenever you take time to reflect you seldom remember the negative. This year was an outstanding year for Kayak Bass Adventures achieving some benchmarks, analyzing setbacks and having a great time navigating the map to Living The Dream!

We would like to think all of our partners that make Kayak Bass Adventures happen; from our product relationships to our production company and to our financial backers that saw the passion and took a shot on us this year. We look forward to continuing our relationship while we navigate the higher roads leading to the summit. We realize that without the support of our friends, partners and backers that we could not do what we do.

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To all our friends and audience that we met this year thank you guys for your support. Our top priority for 2015 will be to continually produce content that’s worth your time. Looking back it has been a big year and we look forward to what is to come. There is plenty of opportunity out there for those wanting to Live The Adventure!
Happy New Year!

The Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect Image

There is one thing I love about kayak fishing more than anything else; hitting the water, at first light, is the top of the mountain. The wind is down, the water is like glass and you and the kayak move effortlessly through the water. You roll up to your favorite spot and take your first shot of the day. The bait goes flying through the morning air and softly lands on the water. There’s just something beautiful about the ripple effect. That got me to thinking about what ripple effect are we causing in our sport?

The ripple effect is defined this way, a spreading effect caused by a single action or event. It can be also thought of as the domino effect. You’re probably asking what does this have to do with kayak fishing. I say it has a lot to do with our sport. With the spring fishing season upon us I am hearing from and seeing a bunch of new people getting kayaks and asking for advice. Most of the folks I’m dealing with aren’t as hardcore as the rest of us, but getting into the sport nonetheless. These guys are eager to listen, learn and try out what they have learned. They also need folks to fish with and take an interest in putting them in the right fishing situation so that they can have an enjoyable experience. I know that most of us always take time for the new guy and to encourage, listen and teach what we know. That’s the ripple effect I’m talking about; paying it forward to new people in our sport and supporting them in what they are trying to do. I get excited to see new Facebooks groups, bloggers and videos. I try to reach out to those guys and let them know we all appreciate their work. The more folks we have talking, blogging and videoing kayak fishing the better the content will become. Positive ripple effects, just like the bait thrown in the exact spot produces an excellent and rewarding result.

Sometimes you have to ask the hard questions. First, am I taking more from the kayak table than I’m bringing to it? Second, am I the type of person that is welcoming to new guys and encouraging what they’re trying to do? Third, Do I always fish with the same crowd? Lastly, Do I enjoy helping out and seeing others reach goals and milestones? These questions are things I ask myself weekly, because if you’re not careful you find yourself pushing potential people away instead of bringing folks closer, while focusing more on what you are trying to achieve.

You know those pictures above the dentist chair, the ones meant to relax you? The other day I saw this quote above the chair, “Your thoughts and actions are like stones dropped into still waters causing ripples to spread as they move outward.” This season take inventory of yourself and be that better person, the guy who is a friend to all and walks in line with promoting one of the fastest growing segments of the fishing population. Take time to say thank you to the folks that brought you into the sport, thank those that are following and supporting your fan pages and videos. Also take time to apologize to those that you may have offended, disagreed with or grown apart from. What kind of ripple effect are you having on people?

Those are my thoughts. Feel free to agree, disagree or share a story about what you are doing to further the sport. I look forward to hearing from you

Keep Living The Dream!

Great Friends And Good Baits

ImageHaving great friends are priceless and finding outstanding, versatile, bait is sometimes just as good. I can’t say enough great things about the Keitech Swing Impact Fat. I love throwing small to medium sized soft swimbaits and the Keitech fits the bill for my style of fishing. Over the last week I have had outstanding success with this bait. I prefer to use the 4.8 variety due to targeting larger fish during the fall feed up. The above hawg was caught by my good friend Scott Ogg earlier this week. He was skeptical about the bait, due to the cost but after reeling in quality fish after quality fish he is sold! Great job Scott and I look forward to being on the water with you soon.

I have tried to put my finger on why this bait is working so well for me and it boils down to a couple of different things. First, the colors of these baits are excellent and seem to blend well in clear or lightly stained water. Second, is the action of this bait with the ribs and the paddle tail, moves a ton of water. When you take it out of the package you will feel the difference versus other brands of plastic swimbaits. It starts for me with the salt that they place in the body. The bait is heavily salted and gives it great weight. I have fished it weightless in newly flooded grass or timber, thank you recent rains, with good success. I also like using the 1/8” weighted belly hook as well for deeper applications. I will be looking forward to fishing it on a jig head on the next outing. All in all this bait works for me because I can use in varying applications which cuts down on the amount of soft plastic swimbaits I have to carry. Even though I fish out of the Hobie PA 14, which can handle tons of tackle and rods, by narrowing down my choice I save room and spend more time fishing instead of wondering what to do next. Like I have said before it all boils down to confidence and right know I have extreme confidence in the Keitech Swing Impact Fat.  Check them out at www.keitechfishing.com and experience the violent strike for yourself.


Everyone Loves Options!

Last Monday I received a call from my wife about the time when she is looking at debit card statement and I feared I’d have to own up to all the gear that I purchased over the last week. Luckily for me this call had nothing to do with how I spent $100 on tackle when I already have so much. No, this conversation was to present me with options for the weekend.

Option number 1: She and a friend would be taking the daughters to Canton for First Monday Trade Days and wanted to know if I would like to attend and help entertain her friend’s husband.

Option 2: Stay home and organize the garage as she had outlined.

Well, I love options and it didn’t take me long to spin option 1 to my advantage. I responded that I would love to come out to Canton and I had the perfect way to entertain the friend’s husband and it didn’t involve walking around and looking at jewelry, clothes, furniture or any type of shopping. I suggested Kayak Bass Fishing on Mill Creek. My presentation skills were flawless and believe it or not all parties were on board.

photo (4)

To plan a Kayak Bass Adventure for someone who has limited fishing knowledge and even less kayak knowledge started with an email to Mill Creek is an awesome lake, with some outstanding fish. The weather that preceded our trip was warming so I new the action wouldmy good friends at Mariner Sails. I explained the situation and let them know that I would need a Pro Angler 12, for demo purposes, over the weekend. I chose the Pro Angler 12 due to its ability to offer hands free fishing and a being sturdy in the wind. As always the guys were at the ready to help me out. I fought the Friday traffic from Fort Worth to Dallas and was able to load the Pro Angler 12 inside the Pro Angler 14, no trailer necessary.  From Mariner Sails I headed to DFW Airport to pick up my fishing partner for the weekend and when he saw the Hobie’s he was pumped.  We made the drive to the hotel and enjoyed beverages with our wives. We both retired looking forward to what the next day would bring.

Mill Creek is an awesome lake, with some outstanding fish. The weather that preceded our trip was warming so I new the action would be hot. We arrived, unloaded the Kayaks and I performed a brief demo of how the boat operated while making sure his PFD was snug and that he was ready to hit the water. All was great and we shoved off, except I forgot to leash down his rod and within 2 minutes of leaving the ramp the rod went over. What a great start. Luckily the ramp area was shallow enough to retrieve the gear; it only took fifteen minutes of probing with the paddle. Lesson learned, buy PFD’s for gear. That was the only mishap of the day. He enjoyed himself and was able to relax and put his mind away from his day to day to work; he even was able to get a picture with a fish. All was right with the world.

Moral to the story is take the time to educate, have patience when things don’t go as planned and just enjoy the water with new friends. I love the competitive tournament environment but this trip was just plain old relaxation. Leave it to a dedicated Kayak Bass Angler to spin a shopping trip for the girls into another first class Kayak Bass Fishing Adventure.

photo (3)photo (2)