Great Friends And Good Baits

ImageHaving great friends are priceless and finding outstanding, versatile, bait is sometimes just as good. I can’t say enough great things about the Keitech Swing Impact Fat. I love throwing small to medium sized soft swimbaits and the Keitech fits the bill for my style of fishing. Over the last week I have had outstanding success with this bait. I prefer to use the 4.8 variety due to targeting larger fish during the fall feed up. The above hawg was caught by my good friend Scott Ogg earlier this week. He was skeptical about the bait, due to the cost but after reeling in quality fish after quality fish he is sold! Great job Scott and I look forward to being on the water with you soon.

I have tried to put my finger on why this bait is working so well for me and it boils down to a couple of different things. First, the colors of these baits are excellent and seem to blend well in clear or lightly stained water. Second, is the action of this bait with the ribs and the paddle tail, moves a ton of water. When you take it out of the package you will feel the difference versus other brands of plastic swimbaits. It starts for me with the salt that they place in the body. The bait is heavily salted and gives it great weight. I have fished it weightless in newly flooded grass or timber, thank you recent rains, with good success. I also like using the 1/8” weighted belly hook as well for deeper applications. I will be looking forward to fishing it on a jig head on the next outing. All in all this bait works for me because I can use in varying applications which cuts down on the amount of soft plastic swimbaits I have to carry. Even though I fish out of the Hobie PA 14, which can handle tons of tackle and rods, by narrowing down my choice I save room and spend more time fishing instead of wondering what to do next. Like I have said before it all boils down to confidence and right know I have extreme confidence in the Keitech Swing Impact Fat.  Check them out at and experience the violent strike for yourself.


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