Be Prepared!

Growing up on a ranch, in South Texas I had some great influences that shaped my work ethic, personality, love of the outdoors and preparedness. Like every good Boy Scout says, “Be Prepared”! When I prepare for a river trip, a day hike or just a casual day of fishing I like to think of myself as having what I need. There have been several posts on the Texas Fishing Forum about safety and preparedness and that made me look into my dry bag of goods to see if I had what it will take to either help in the midst of an emergency situation or have the gear I need to survive should I become stranded in the wild outdoors. After a quick ten minute review I was gravely concerned about my supplies and what I could offer in either situation. The below is not a paid endorsement or a pro staff gig; I bought it with my own funds. I searched around and feel like I found a great piece of gear for under $200.

We all have the basic first aid kit and that’s an awesome start, but I started thinking about some of the places I travel to, or some of the places that I float on a regular basis. Image

I found that my aid kit was not good enough to support me for any length of time or my first aid equipment not advanced enough to help in a critical situation. This concern leads me around the internet where I stumbled upon Zippmo Survival Gear. While looking at this site it looks to be a site where a doomsday prepper would start their search for gear. Since I’m not in the mindset of hording food, collecting water or setting up my own security perimeter, I found the 2 day survival pack in my crosshairs. This pack had it all: First aid, food, drinking water, survival gear and numerous cool gadgets that if in a bind would help me make it for at least two days. I sent in the cash and it was shipped to my door. Man was it cool!


All the stuff is compartmentalized in large zip lock bags and comes with an excellent set of first aid instruction. Check out the photos and if you can spare the change these packs are great for the kayak community. The size makes them work well for putting below deck or strapping to the back of your angling wagon.

I know that we all think that nothings ever going to happen to us, but in the event something goes wrong with you or a buddy it will be nice to know that you are prepared for the situation. Whenever I am out seeking an adventure I am not without my Zippmo Survival Gear. Keep Safe and until next time.


If you want to check out Zippmo:

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You Need a Piece of Driftwood?

What an outstanding time we had at the Texas Tackle and Hunting show! Not only did we meet a great number of people and expose them to kayak angling, but I never knew how popular the Swamp People were. It was crazy the amount of camouflage, rebel flags and tattoos I saw in that line that steadied at 400 people deep for over five hours. I love people watching and wonder what are they going to do with the pictures of the cast with their new born children? Scrapbook, mantel center piece or just fun for around the water cooler; whatever they do with it them it was great seeing the amount of people that were passionate about the Swamp People!

I want to share something that I’m passionate about and that is the CRANK BAIT! Now I not an expert, or an authority on the subject but I do know what I like. Thanks to my good friends at Driftwood Lures I had the opportunity to sample some of their fine work. I know every angler looks for an edge or for something nobody else has. The new line of cranks from Driftwood Lures offers just that. These little gems are all handmade and come complete with custom paint. In studying the detail that they put into all their baits it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to say, “Man that’s Awesome!” Driftwood Lures are new to the market and are small enough for you to know them on a personal basis. While I was visiting with them they were taking several custom orders from anglers who wanted to put their own spin on the bait. To say it simply, Driftwood can do whatever you would like them to do.

Here are the details behind the greatness of the Driftwood product. First, all baits are made from the highest quality balsa wood and sealed with a two part epoxy to keep the lure looking and fishing it best for years to come. Second, each bait is hand painted with pinpoint detail to represent the pattern that anglers are looking for. I placed these crank baits along side mass produced baits and there is no comparison. Third, the baits are weighted to help them achieve the appointed cruising depth. Driftwood wants to make sure your bait is exposed longer in the strike zone so you achieve the best opportunity to get bit. Lastly, each bait is tested to ensure that it is running correctly and that it meets the Driftwood quality control process. Hands down these are some of the best crank baits I have seen in a while.

I strongly suggest checking out Driftwood Lures on Facebook or emailing them at . You can also pick up the phone and give them a call at 817-845-2359. You will be glad you did. Check out the pictures below for some examples of their work. I am happy to welcome Driftwood Lures to the Kayak Bass Adventures family and am excited to be using their products while on the tournament trail.

Keep Living The Dream!

Driftwood Lures Perch PatternNew Driftwood Lures Craw PatternNEW Driftwood Lures Shad PatternNEW

The Oscar Goes To…

Bryson Hero Shot
And The Oscar Goes To…
As the Academy of Motion Pictures released their annual award nominees and I am at home organizing and cleaning all my gear for the Texas Tackle and Hunting Show, in Mesquite Texas. It made me think of all the people that stand with me and make it possible for Kayak Bass Adventures to come to life. Here’s to you guy’s!
First, I want to thank my family who allows me to be away from home. Whether I am on the water, in the field or at a hunting and fishing show my family stands with me and supports me every step of the way. With them I would have no reason to pursue my passion. I have an addictive personality whether it’s Crossfit, Fishing, Kayaking, Hiking or working my real job, my family is with me and keeps me grounded and heading in the right direction. I couldn’t do it without you!
When you live an outdoor lifestyle it takes funds. I am blessed to have an outstanding support network of manufacturers, dealers and associates that believe I have what it takes to promote their products and help breathe the dream into others looking to get into the sport. He is the list of people who give me everything I need to live the dream:
Hobie Cat
Elite Sports Training
Sandlin Homes
Lastly, I wish to thank those people that have influenced me and made me better. Without these guys I may have never been introduced to kayak angling or had the opportunity to pursue the dream:
• Scott Ogg
• Rob Milam
• Chris Payne
• Shaun Russell
Wow, I feel like I just won an Oscar, for best Outdoor Production! Seriously though, without the afore mentioned people I would have zero chance and I just wanted to recognize and say that I love and appreciate everyone of you!
Thanks For Letting Me Live The Dream

Practice Makes Perfect!

As the winter sets in I take time away from the Kayak Bass Tournament trails giving me opportunity to relearn finesse fly fishing. It’s hard for me to go from Lake Bacarrac, Mexico to the Brazos River in North Central Texas. The former trip using twenty five pound line and setting the hook as if your were performing the heaviest Power Clean of your life to the ballet of 2-3 pound tippet catching stocked trout. Both are out of this world fun, however it takes me a ½ day to realize these are 10” stocker trout and not 12 pound bass. I caught 8 pair of trout lips right off the bat. Remember a steady hand wins at fly fishing, IDIOT!

I always look forward to the river stockings in Texas because it brings together all peoples, with one goal in mind; catching and eating trout. I fall between the bait bucket, Powerbait, lawn chair and coverall guy and the guy who is all decked out with Orvis and Simms gear. You know the guy, stepped right out of the catalog with thousands of dollars worth of stuff that gets used once a year; on the Brazos for goodness sake.  Well God loves them all and there’s enough water to share with all peoples.

The great thing about the Upper Brazos River is the closeness to home and that you can easily do a ½ day wade trip and catch numbers of the little shiny dudes. I always say you have to practice and that is what the Brazos is for me when it comes to trout fishing. Without the experience I would have never been able to land my career rainbow.

I remember it as if it was yesterday, a true River Runs Through It expiernece. I was fortunate enough to be fishing with Kirk’s Fly Shop out of Estes Park Colorado, on the Big Thompson River. That day practice paid off as I landed a 29” Rainbow chasing him down stream for 300 yards. It was an epic event and a lifelong adventure memory that I will have forever. I say that to say no matter how big the fish refine your skill and research your water. It will pay off. Lastly if you’re only in a spot for a couple of days hire a guide. Don’t screw your adventure up by not catching that lifetime fish.

I love the winter becomes it brings me full circle in fishing and hiking. This is why I love the winter: A TFO 5weight rod, hip wader, sack lunch and 5 miles of open river.  Get out and enjoy it; you’ll be glad you did!

Keep Living The Dream!

Fishing Fun With The Family

Bro's On The Brazos

Bro’s On The Brazos

Well it happened, Santa came to town! What a glorious site to wake up on Christmas morning and see that the old man had left a Yeti right by the tree. Well, I can say that Christmas was made! It was an excellent holiday and we enjoyed hanging with the kids and family. Everybody remembered the real reason for the season and it was a great time had by all.

Moving back a couple a days, I celebrated my 43rd birthday with an annual fishing trip to the Brazos River. I always enjoy this time because we hike around 3 miles and catch 8” stocker trout. My brother is always in attendance and he is always fun to raze when things go wrong. You have to remember as bass guys it’s hard for us to remember that you don’t have to se t the hook with authority in order to get the job done.

That trip marked the first occasion to use the new Canon video camera. As a part of the fringe outdoor media and outdoor show host, want to be, I shot a few scenes. Let me tell you how much respect for those guys who not only can hunt and fish, but be their own cameraman. I learned that I have a lot to learn about outdoor filming and hosting. I hope to have a clip up soon so that the world may make fun of my casting, shot selection and just plain ole hosting ability.  However, I will not stop and I will continue pressing forward in my aspirations of one day making a living in the outdoor world.

I love being outside and getting to go with some folks who don’t get out much. There’s nothing like seeing their face when an 8” trout gives them a good ride. I always say it’s not about the fish; it’s the experience you have with friends and family that bring you back to the outdoors over and over again!