13 Steps To The New You!

Kayak Bass Adventures is committed to promoting exercise and good health throughout the kayak angling community. We have spent some time talking about different exercises and stretches that will help you in the yak and in your day to day walk of life. Over the next several weeks I would like to focus on thirteen steps that will lead to a new you for 2014. Kayak Angling is a demanding sport and it requires you to be in the best possible shape so that you can have the best experience on the water.  Listed below are the thirteen steps that will put you in the starting blocks for a new an improved you.

  1. Identify and Get Rid of The Foods That Cause You The Most Problems!
  2. Focus On Good Carbohydrates!
  3. Stock Up On Fresh Vegetables, Protein and Healthy Carbohydrates.
  4. Stock Up On Healthy Foods, That You Don’t Have To Prepare – SNACKS!
  5. Space Meals & Snacks 2 1/2 Hours Apart.
  6. Breakfast Is Not Negotiable, it’s A Must!
  7. Use the Right Energy Drinks To Keep Your Energy Up Throughout the Day.
  8. Drink At Least 1 Gallon of Water Per Day.
  9. Eat A Sensible Dinner!
  10.  Have A Small After Dinner Snack – Healthy!
  11. Have the After Dinner Snack 2 Hours Before Bed.
  12. Drink A Night Time Refresher, Prior to Bed. This is Not an Alcoholic Beverage!
  13. Take, Quality, Omega 3 Supplement.

Over the next several blogs we will explore these steps further and give you some insight and deeper explanation of how to follow this plan to a new and improved you. Kayak Angling demands a ton from your body and we want you to be prepared to take on whatever you are dealt while out in the elements. You have to have a plan before you can set out! The items above, if followed correctly, will provide you with a solid game plan. I hope you enjoy diving deeper and commit to being your best in the upcoming year!


Do You Have The Power?

For those of you that know me, you know that fitness is a big part of my life. I wrote an earlier piece on how the guys at Cross Fit EST have changed my life. As kayak anglers we love challenges thus the kayak. We are always battling wind, cold, heat, powerboats, jet skis and anything else that is thrown at us on area creeks, rivers and lakes. I know that thru my daily fitness routine it has given me advantages in flexibility, strength and overall conditioning. Kayak angling is hard work! With the distances we paddle, or pedal, to reach the out of the way spots in search of the trophy fish. I decided that I was tired of getting to my designated spot only to find myself having to take time to recover instead of probing the water for that fish of a lifetime! As we enter into the spring fishing season I would like to encourage you to take a look at your physical condition and if you’re not happy with it do something to change it. I guarantee that you will have a better time on the water if you take time to prepare yourself before you get there.


Kayak Bass Adventures is proud to announce a fitness program for the Kayak Angler. We will be adding a tab to the blog so you can click it and see what’s up for the week. Hopefully by next week we will have the tab fully operational. The program will concentrate on the large muscle groups that are used in our sport. I realize that fitness, most often times, comes with a price; however, this program will introduce kayak anglers to a Cross Fit style of work out that will require no memberships and no equipment. These simple work outs will focus on flexibility, core strength and mobility. The work outs will focus on using your body as the weight. These exercises will be designed to give you all the strength you need to further enjoy your time on the water. I have realized that the better prepared, both physically and mentally, the more enjoyment I get from time outside and on the water. Who knows you may get so hooked that you would want to check out a place to work out where people are focused on results and not just being seen at the gym. When you reach that place feel free to contact me; I have the right people to help you.

I know fitness is touchy subject, but it’s one that needs to be talked about. We search out the best equipment for our yaks, whether it’s new fish finders, rods, reels, all the cool toys from Yak Attack and Mariner Sails. We as people have been given the greatest equipment and that is our body. We need to take care of ourselves like we take of our equipment. You can’t go out and purchase good health and physical condition; think about it!

We hope this 2013 fishing seasons brings your dreams to reality! We encourage all readers, anglers or not, to take your health seriously and do what you need to do to take the next steps in your fitness. What’s wrong with feeling better, looking better and having the energy and strength to pursue your passion?

Sample Workout:

3 Rounds For Time:

15 Push Ups

20 Air Squats

15 Sit Ups