Just Do It!

I had the opportunity this weekend to spend time with a great group of boys. Faith Factor youth retreat is an annual event put on by The Hills Church, Fort Worth. During the weekend we learned about the greatness of God in an outdoor setting. The sessions were fantastic, but it is what I learned out of session that made a big difference for me.

It took a few moments to realize that most of the kids don’t get outside much and take in the exceptional beauty of creation that we in the kayak angling world see each weekend.  I saw these boys make great strides in learning and, understanding and enjoying good friends in the outdoors. Overcoming fears on the zip line, taking nature hikes and skipping rocks into the river were just part of this experience. The biggest part was letting them know it is ok to not have a cell phone or a game controller nearby. Their world didn’t end, but was enhanced!

My take away from this retreat was put down the busy life style of chasing the dollar or searching for the fish of a lifetime and just enjoy watching kids run around and play. Kids need positive role models today. Take up the challenge of being there for a kid; you never know what great things will be accomplished just because you took a little time.