Plan Ahead For Your Health


Everyone loves to plan that next great adventure. I love looking into the future and putting together good trips that will be fun and memorable. I believe Payne’s Paddle Fish wrote about the excitement and anticipation of a trip, as it draws near. With the New Year upon us and a new fishing season on the horizon let’s dive deeper into ways you can stay at the top of your physical game and improve your health so that you can make the most of your inshore or off shore adventures.

In our last post we listed thirteen ways that you could improve your physical situation with the right nutrition. Today we want to break down numbers one and two. The first thing that you are going to have to get your mind around is changing the way you think about your foods. I believe we said you need to identify the foods that cause you the most problems, whether its candy, soda, popcorn or fast food these have to be pinned down and addressed. Secondly, finding a good replacement for these foods and identify the carbohydrates that will work for your benefit.

When looking for healthy snacks I generally look to uncooked veggies, such as Broccoli, Carrots, Celery, and Green Peppers. I look at these foods as my chips. If I have to have chips I roll with Blue Corn Chips from UTZ Organic. I found these are all natural and great tasting!  Breads and pasta can play a huge roll in weight gain. When you find yourself at restaurant severing bread before meals – stay away. If you can’t stay away from bread or pasta try going with Wheat bread, Wheat crackers or Wheat pasta. These healthy solutions will satisfy your craving while not adding the additional weight. Balance and portion size are key to your success. For more good information and healthy foods click here.

Whether you are planning a life change or a kayak fishing adventure you must prepare yourself and plan for the event. It doesn’t take time to prepare snacks and small meals in advance so that when you are hungry you are not seduced by the foods that lead you down the wrong path. Set up a start date and find friends that will work with you to achieve your goals. I have found that by having a partner to keep you accountable and bounce things off of is the best recipe for success! Should you find yourself needing a group or a way to get started feel free to shoot me a comment and I will hook you up with some good folks that can help you get to where you want to go. This off season commit to a better you and you will see great results during the coming season. Results are measured on your personal satisfaction, energy level and overall wellness. Don’t be the guy or girl that takes good health for granted. You can make a difference in just a few short weeks. As always, whenever you are making drastic change in diet or exercises consult your medical professional.


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