You Need a Piece of Driftwood?

What an outstanding time we had at the Texas Tackle and Hunting show! Not only did we meet a great number of people and expose them to kayak angling, but I never knew how popular the Swamp People were. It was crazy the amount of camouflage, rebel flags and tattoos I saw in that line that steadied at 400 people deep for over five hours. I love people watching and wonder what are they going to do with the pictures of the cast with their new born children? Scrapbook, mantel center piece or just fun for around the water cooler; whatever they do with it them it was great seeing the amount of people that were passionate about the Swamp People!

I want to share something that I’m passionate about and that is the CRANK BAIT! Now I not an expert, or an authority on the subject but I do know what I like. Thanks to my good friends at Driftwood Lures I had the opportunity to sample some of their fine work. I know every angler looks for an edge or for something nobody else has. The new line of cranks from Driftwood Lures offers just that. These little gems are all handmade and come complete with custom paint. In studying the detail that they put into all their baits it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to say, “Man that’s Awesome!” Driftwood Lures are new to the market and are small enough for you to know them on a personal basis. While I was visiting with them they were taking several custom orders from anglers who wanted to put their own spin on the bait. To say it simply, Driftwood can do whatever you would like them to do.

Here are the details behind the greatness of the Driftwood product. First, all baits are made from the highest quality balsa wood and sealed with a two part epoxy to keep the lure looking and fishing it best for years to come. Second, each bait is hand painted with pinpoint detail to represent the pattern that anglers are looking for. I placed these crank baits along side mass produced baits and there is no comparison. Third, the baits are weighted to help them achieve the appointed cruising depth. Driftwood wants to make sure your bait is exposed longer in the strike zone so you achieve the best opportunity to get bit. Lastly, each bait is tested to ensure that it is running correctly and that it meets the Driftwood quality control process. Hands down these are some of the best crank baits I have seen in a while.

I strongly suggest checking out Driftwood Lures on Facebook or emailing them at . You can also pick up the phone and give them a call at 817-845-2359. You will be glad you did. Check out the pictures below for some examples of their work. I am happy to welcome Driftwood Lures to the Kayak Bass Adventures family and am excited to be using their products while on the tournament trail.

Keep Living The Dream!

Driftwood Lures Perch PatternNew Driftwood Lures Craw PatternNEW Driftwood Lures Shad PatternNEW

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