Fishing Fun With The Family

Bro's On The Brazos

Bro’s On The Brazos

Well it happened, Santa came to town! What a glorious site to wake up on Christmas morning and see that the old man had left a Yeti right by the tree. Well, I can say that Christmas was made! It was an excellent holiday and we enjoyed hanging with the kids and family. Everybody remembered the real reason for the season and it was a great time had by all.

Moving back a couple a days, I celebrated my 43rd birthday with an annual fishing trip to the Brazos River. I always enjoy this time because we hike around 3 miles and catch 8” stocker trout. My brother is always in attendance and he is always fun to raze when things go wrong. You have to remember as bass guys it’s hard for us to remember that you don’t have to se t the hook with authority in order to get the job done.

That trip marked the first occasion to use the new Canon video camera. As a part of the fringe outdoor media and outdoor show host, want to be, I shot a few scenes. Let me tell you how much respect for those guys who not only can hunt and fish, but be their own cameraman. I learned that I have a lot to learn about outdoor filming and hosting. I hope to have a clip up soon so that the world may make fun of my casting, shot selection and just plain ole hosting ability.  However, I will not stop and I will continue pressing forward in my aspirations of one day making a living in the outdoor world.

I love being outside and getting to go with some folks who don’t get out much. There’s nothing like seeing their face when an 8” trout gives them a good ride. I always say it’s not about the fish; it’s the experience you have with friends and family that bring you back to the outdoors over and over again!


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