Be Prepared!

Growing up on a ranch, in South Texas I had some great influences that shaped my work ethic, personality, love of the outdoors and preparedness. Like every good Boy Scout says, “Be Prepared”! When I prepare for a river trip, a day hike or just a casual day of fishing I like to think of myself as having what I need. There have been several posts on the Texas Fishing Forum about safety and preparedness and that made me look into my dry bag of goods to see if I had what it will take to either help in the midst of an emergency situation or have the gear I need to survive should I become stranded in the wild outdoors. After a quick ten minute review I was gravely concerned about my supplies and what I could offer in either situation. The below is not a paid endorsement or a pro staff gig; I bought it with my own funds. I searched around and feel like I found a great piece of gear for under $200.

We all have the basic first aid kit and that’s an awesome start, but I started thinking about some of the places I travel to, or some of the places that I float on a regular basis. Image

I found that my aid kit was not good enough to support me for any length of time or my first aid equipment not advanced enough to help in a critical situation. This concern leads me around the internet where I stumbled upon Zippmo Survival Gear. While looking at this site it looks to be a site where a doomsday prepper would start their search for gear. Since I’m not in the mindset of hording food, collecting water or setting up my own security perimeter, I found the 2 day survival pack in my crosshairs. This pack had it all: First aid, food, drinking water, survival gear and numerous cool gadgets that if in a bind would help me make it for at least two days. I sent in the cash and it was shipped to my door. Man was it cool!


All the stuff is compartmentalized in large zip lock bags and comes with an excellent set of first aid instruction. Check out the photos and if you can spare the change these packs are great for the kayak community. The size makes them work well for putting below deck or strapping to the back of your angling wagon.

I know that we all think that nothings ever going to happen to us, but in the event something goes wrong with you or a buddy it will be nice to know that you are prepared for the situation. Whenever I am out seeking an adventure I am not without my Zippmo Survival Gear. Keep Safe and until next time.


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