Big Rain, Great Company & Kayak Fishing

Big Rain, Great Company & Kayak Fishing

This is the account of the greatest, wildest & wettest trip that i have ever been on. All of us Know about the weather that moved through North Texas last Saturday morning. The smart one had cancelled their plans and were sawing logs to boom of thunder and the pater of rain on the window, some of my favorite sleeping conditions. I however, was outside loading gear and getting ready for an epic trip to southeast Texas and Lake Naconiche. The great thing about kayak fishing is you can always find someone as eager as you to make the trip and keep you company through the storm and long drive.

Jason and I pulled out of the driveway at 3:45 A.M. and all was well until we hit the biblical proportion of rain just outside of Dallas. This isn’t the type of rain where it is hard for a moment then lets you through. This rain was white knuckle, hydroplaning bad stuff. We eventually make it to the cut off west of Longview and that’s were the rain lightens up and we cruise to the lake with only the biggest of bass on our mind. As with any great road and not being familiar with the route we make a couple of wrong turns and have to do some back tracking to get back on the course. You have to watch those east Texas signs carefully sometimes they will point you in the wrong direction. Luckily for me I had Jason with me and he understands directions and schedules as he controls 45% of the free worlds railroad traffic. So with his instruction and choice words we make it to the lake.

It’s a miracle! The lake was calm and no sign of rain and we knew that this could be a magical day. Well, the rain and magic held off as the front blew in on us and soaked us for about four and a half hours. The cool thing was the action was steady enough and we caught enough quality fish to keep us from being miserable. The lake had changed over the last two years much like the weather of the day. When the lake opened it was a trophy bass lake and the stories of double digit after double digit were told. Today the DD’s are hard to come by and according to locals once they are caught they are either trucked off to farm ponds or dinner tables.  One thing that hadn’t changed was the scenery and the timber. If you like pitching timber than this lake is for you. It’s 92.5% standing timber with a lay down at every turn. I have a tough time deciding where to cast because it all looks so rich. The action stayed steady and the conversation remained fresh, the rain came and went so we ended up putting a solid eleven hours on the water. Learning about the lake, cracking jokes and trying to call the the ten pounders when we couldn’t keeps the two’s off the line.

After the long grind and extreme conditions of the day Jason and I headed back to the launch for the load up and the long drive home. No big road trip is ever complete without the Whataburger double cheese with onion rings and a massive chocolate shake. That is our perscription for a recovery meal after living on dried mangos and beef jerky all day. If you want to have a great time catching a ton of fish and you have a day to kill grab a fishing buddy and head down to Lake Naconiche. How knows you may just find the ten pounder and have an excellent adventure. Good friends make it easy to kayak fish so thanks Jason O. & KJ for the outstanding photo-41

Color Me Crazy


Last week I admitted that I have a small tackle addiction and I appreciated all the great comments I received. Bottom line, now that I know that I don’t stand alone I feel much better. This week I want to get some feedback on colors. Every time I roll into a tackle shop or am looking online at new baits I get not only sucked in by the bait, but also by the color. It’s not enough to have a jig trailer in green pumpkin, but now I must also have it in dirt; seriously dirt. I can hear you saying please step away from the soft plastics sir. Well I didn’t. I fell prey to the chunk jig trailer with the dirt color scheme. I have always heard that lures aren’t designed to catch fish they are designed to catch fisherman. I realize that bait companies must make a buck, but seriously some of these colors are out of site. I’m not saying that you may not have a need for exotic or custom color from time to time, but whatever happen to just watermelon, green pumpkin, black & black. Well, they are still around you just have to rummage through all 1000 different combinations from every bait company to find the basics. I am taking a stand! No longer am I going to be sucked in by the wild and crazy, I’m going to simplify, that is until a Sharelunker is caught with the wild and crazy. Then all bets are off.

I have decided to only carry the basic shades for soft plastics, crankbaits, spinnerbaits. By limiting my selections it will confuse me less. My goal this year is to bring simple back and keep the line longer in the water; where the fish are. Colors have always been a great debate and I would love to know where you stand and how you manage the color crisis. There Are No Magic Colors!


You Need a Piece of Driftwood?

What an outstanding time we had at the Texas Tackle and Hunting show! Not only did we meet a great number of people and expose them to kayak angling, but I never knew how popular the Swamp People were. It was crazy the amount of camouflage, rebel flags and tattoos I saw in that line that steadied at 400 people deep for over five hours. I love people watching and wonder what are they going to do with the pictures of the cast with their new born children? Scrapbook, mantel center piece or just fun for around the water cooler; whatever they do with it them it was great seeing the amount of people that were passionate about the Swamp People!

I want to share something that I’m passionate about and that is the CRANK BAIT! Now I not an expert, or an authority on the subject but I do know what I like. Thanks to my good friends at Driftwood Lures I had the opportunity to sample some of their fine work. I know every angler looks for an edge or for something nobody else has. The new line of cranks from Driftwood Lures offers just that. These little gems are all handmade and come complete with custom paint. In studying the detail that they put into all their baits it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to say, “Man that’s Awesome!” Driftwood Lures are new to the market and are small enough for you to know them on a personal basis. While I was visiting with them they were taking several custom orders from anglers who wanted to put their own spin on the bait. To say it simply, Driftwood can do whatever you would like them to do.

Here are the details behind the greatness of the Driftwood product. First, all baits are made from the highest quality balsa wood and sealed with a two part epoxy to keep the lure looking and fishing it best for years to come. Second, each bait is hand painted with pinpoint detail to represent the pattern that anglers are looking for. I placed these crank baits along side mass produced baits and there is no comparison. Third, the baits are weighted to help them achieve the appointed cruising depth. Driftwood wants to make sure your bait is exposed longer in the strike zone so you achieve the best opportunity to get bit. Lastly, each bait is tested to ensure that it is running correctly and that it meets the Driftwood quality control process. Hands down these are some of the best crank baits I have seen in a while.

I strongly suggest checking out Driftwood Lures on Facebook or emailing them at . You can also pick up the phone and give them a call at 817-845-2359. You will be glad you did. Check out the pictures below for some examples of their work. I am happy to welcome Driftwood Lures to the Kayak Bass Adventures family and am excited to be using their products while on the tournament trail.

Keep Living The Dream!

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