Practice Makes Perfect!

As the winter sets in I take time away from the Kayak Bass Tournament trails giving me opportunity to relearn finesse fly fishing. It’s hard for me to go from Lake Bacarrac, Mexico to the Brazos River in North Central Texas. The former trip using twenty five pound line and setting the hook as if your were performing the heaviest Power Clean of your life to the ballet of 2-3 pound tippet catching stocked trout. Both are out of this world fun, however it takes me a ½ day to realize these are 10” stocker trout and not 12 pound bass. I caught 8 pair of trout lips right off the bat. Remember a steady hand wins at fly fishing, IDIOT!

I always look forward to the river stockings in Texas because it brings together all peoples, with one goal in mind; catching and eating trout. I fall between the bait bucket, Powerbait, lawn chair and coverall guy and the guy who is all decked out with Orvis and Simms gear. You know the guy, stepped right out of the catalog with thousands of dollars worth of stuff that gets used once a year; on the Brazos for goodness sake.  Well God loves them all and there’s enough water to share with all peoples.

The great thing about the Upper Brazos River is the closeness to home and that you can easily do a ½ day wade trip and catch numbers of the little shiny dudes. I always say you have to practice and that is what the Brazos is for me when it comes to trout fishing. Without the experience I would have never been able to land my career rainbow.

I remember it as if it was yesterday, a true River Runs Through It expiernece. I was fortunate enough to be fishing with Kirk’s Fly Shop out of Estes Park Colorado, on the Big Thompson River. That day practice paid off as I landed a 29” Rainbow chasing him down stream for 300 yards. It was an epic event and a lifelong adventure memory that I will have forever. I say that to say no matter how big the fish refine your skill and research your water. It will pay off. Lastly if you’re only in a spot for a couple of days hire a guide. Don’t screw your adventure up by not catching that lifetime fish.

I love the winter becomes it brings me full circle in fishing and hiking. This is why I love the winter: A TFO 5weight rod, hip wader, sack lunch and 5 miles of open river.  Get out and enjoy it; you’ll be glad you did!

Keep Living The Dream!

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