The Crossfit world crowned the “Fittest on Earth” last weekend at the Crossfit Games in Los Angles. Even though, I am nowhere near an elite athlete I took some things away that I believe will help me with my fishing, fitness and overall wellness. The take a way is, training and conditioning are paramount in being able to live your life to the fullest. We are asked to do some strenuous things and are put into strange positions on our kayaks. Do you have what you need to go ten hours on the water and not have to take the full, next, day to recover?

This weekend I had the privilege to share the stage with some giants of the kayak fishing world. The event was a fund raiser for Heroes on The Water, hosted by Mariner Sails – Dallas. The industry top performers, Chris Payne, Shaun Russell and Luther Cifers all spoke about topics ranging from lighting to what Yak-Attack product works well with another. It was truly an outstanding program put together by those guys. By the way, when you’re looking for practical advice on anything kayak related these guys are an excellent resource.

The time came for me to take the stage and I wanted to speak from the heart regarding physical fitness. I remember saying that you can have all the greatest accessories on the market, but if you don’t have the stamina to get out there; you have nothing! I did about 20 minutes on some small stretches and exercises that will benefit you as a kayak angler. If you missed it check out the fitness tab and grab a few of those mobility exercises. After the talk I was blown away by the amount of folks that came up and said I was spot on and told me their stories of how fitness had changed their fishing. Remember, You Are The Engine! Keep your engine running longer and faster by taking care of it!

I wanted to give you the definition, Crossfit = Constantly Varied, High Intensity, Functional Movement. I can’t think of anything that says kayak angler other than those three items. Everything varies in our sport, from the weather to the seasons to the wind. We are the kings of varied. High Intensity, just come to a North Texas Kayak Trail or North Texas Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament, doesn’t get more intense than those places.  Now we get to the part that not everyone may be comfortable with, Functional Movement. If you can’t reach behind you to grab the net, if you are in more pain after a day on the water than a day in the yard you may have mobility or functional movement issues. We get put in a lot of strange positions on the water. By ensuring your level of fitness is high you will perform to your peak both on and off the water. Don’t lose time on the water due to not taking care of yourself. To the guys I spoke to at the event on Saturday


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