Lighting The Way!

Lighting The Way!

The regulars who read this blog know that I have a massive addition to tackle or anything shiny and new! That is why when I found out about Supernova Fishing Lights I went crazy and had to have them on my Hobie Pro Angler 14. I have also come to know Dez Davis, owner and major domo who leads this, genius, product to the market. There are so many great characteristics about Dez and my favorite is that he can always be counted on to educate, talk and support the kayaking community about his product. Here are some reasons that I feel that Supernova Fishing Lights are the only choice for Kayak Bass Adventures.
The Supernova Fishing Light is different than other LED lights because they are 100% incased and sealed making them submersible and 100% saltwater safe. Simply said they are going to last, last, and last.
The Supernova Fishing Light is easy to install. That is a huge deal for me because I am not a guy who knows his way around anything mechanical. Just ask Shaun Russell. Seriously, these kayak fishing light kits come with plenty of wire so you can reach the hard to get to spots without having to splice. Dez thinks forward with his products and makes them easy to use.
Multiple colors are available and custom kits can be tailored for your personal tastes. I like to use the blue strips because they light up structures at casting distance and the UV qualities work well in lighting up your line so you can see the slightest tick. The green is another favorite because it is bright and attracts baitfish, usually by the thousands. I personally use green for my cockpit strips as they render color the best. White strips are available for tank wells so you can locate gear or an adult beverage while stalking your favorite honey hole.
The biggest reason Kayak Bass Adventures chooses Supernova Fishing Lights is because they are 100% assembled in Texas, USA – Baby. Dez keeps it local and that’s saying something in a market where people are always trying to save a buck and cut costs by importing. The safety aspect is a given. In a kayak in the early morning or late evening you want to be seen and Supernova lights you up! If you looking for a set of the best LED’s on the market you need to check out, and tell them Kayak Bass Adventures sent you!

Supernova Fishing Lights - Lighting The Future of Kayak Fishing!

Supernova Fishing Lights – Lighting The Future of Kayak Fishing!


Everyone Loves Options!

Last Monday I received a call from my wife about the time when she is looking at debit card statement and I feared I’d have to own up to all the gear that I purchased over the last week. Luckily for me this call had nothing to do with how I spent $100 on tackle when I already have so much. No, this conversation was to present me with options for the weekend.

Option number 1: She and a friend would be taking the daughters to Canton for First Monday Trade Days and wanted to know if I would like to attend and help entertain her friend’s husband.

Option 2: Stay home and organize the garage as she had outlined.

Well, I love options and it didn’t take me long to spin option 1 to my advantage. I responded that I would love to come out to Canton and I had the perfect way to entertain the friend’s husband and it didn’t involve walking around and looking at jewelry, clothes, furniture or any type of shopping. I suggested Kayak Bass Fishing on Mill Creek. My presentation skills were flawless and believe it or not all parties were on board.

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To plan a Kayak Bass Adventure for someone who has limited fishing knowledge and even less kayak knowledge started with an email to Mill Creek is an awesome lake, with some outstanding fish. The weather that preceded our trip was warming so I new the action wouldmy good friends at Mariner Sails. I explained the situation and let them know that I would need a Pro Angler 12, for demo purposes, over the weekend. I chose the Pro Angler 12 due to its ability to offer hands free fishing and a being sturdy in the wind. As always the guys were at the ready to help me out. I fought the Friday traffic from Fort Worth to Dallas and was able to load the Pro Angler 12 inside the Pro Angler 14, no trailer necessary.  From Mariner Sails I headed to DFW Airport to pick up my fishing partner for the weekend and when he saw the Hobie’s he was pumped.  We made the drive to the hotel and enjoyed beverages with our wives. We both retired looking forward to what the next day would bring.

Mill Creek is an awesome lake, with some outstanding fish. The weather that preceded our trip was warming so I new the action would be hot. We arrived, unloaded the Kayaks and I performed a brief demo of how the boat operated while making sure his PFD was snug and that he was ready to hit the water. All was great and we shoved off, except I forgot to leash down his rod and within 2 minutes of leaving the ramp the rod went over. What a great start. Luckily the ramp area was shallow enough to retrieve the gear; it only took fifteen minutes of probing with the paddle. Lesson learned, buy PFD’s for gear. That was the only mishap of the day. He enjoyed himself and was able to relax and put his mind away from his day to day to work; he even was able to get a picture with a fish. All was right with the world.

Moral to the story is take the time to educate, have patience when things don’t go as planned and just enjoy the water with new friends. I love the competitive tournament environment but this trip was just plain old relaxation. Leave it to a dedicated Kayak Bass Angler to spin a shopping trip for the girls into another first class Kayak Bass Fishing Adventure.

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