The Future Depends On You!

Jack's First Kayak Bass
Jack Side Saddle

Every morning when I open my computer the first thing I see is a picture of my son, holding his first kayak bass, this kicks starts my day and lets me know what’s most important.  It’s easy during the course of business or trying to promote a new fishing venture to lose focus on what’s the most important part of your life. When I’m looking through Facebook I always enjoy seeing the photos of the toads that have been caught, but what I most enjoy is looking at the kids holding up their trophies. Whether big or small it’s the smile that gets to me. It’s in those times that I realize fishing is not about trying to secure the latest corporate sponsor or editing the next segment of Kayak Bass Adventures. It’s about spending, quality, time with a kid who just wants to go catch something.

Over the Labor Day holiday I had the privilege to take my son on his first Kayak Bass Adventure to Lake Ray Roberts. This was his first time to pilot his own yak on open water. As a dad I was nervous and hoped that I had instructed him well. As we pulled away from the ramp he could see that I was keeping a close eye on him and giving more instruction, he looked at me and said, “Dad, I got this.” When I heard those words I relaxed and decided to let him have fun. We had an excellent day of talking about life, fishing, friends and video games. There are so many kids today that don’t have the opportunity to get outside or have a solid relationship with an adult.  That has to change.  

I learned a few things on the water that day and that trip has taken our strong relationship and made it stronger. Here are a few take a way’s.

  1. Giving a kid the opportunity to pilot his boat on open water and catch his own fish builds confidence.
  2. Taking time to spend with a kid away from distractions of cell phones and video games is priceless.
  3. Kayak fishing promotes greater mental focus and maturity in kids. Usually this changes right before your eyes.
  4. Giving a kid his own gear builds responsibility.
  5. Passing on the gift of the outdoors

I could go on and on with this list. It would be amazing the change in our society if people took more time to build kids up. Your kids already think we are super heroes and it doesn’t take a lot to impress them. It just takes you realizing that you will be the difference maker in your kid’s life. Jack, I am proud of you son and enjoyed our time out on the water!


Special Thanks To Mariner-Sails for allowing us to demo the Hobie 11 Sport. Special Thanks to Shaun Russell for his patience and expert instruction on the water.