Great Times On Lady Bird Lake

I spent eighteen years in the Austin area. All of those years were spent doing everything but fishing “The Bird”. As I always say, it’s better late than never. This day trip to mecca of urban fishing started early and had the glow of anticipation.
I want to say thanks for those that gave me some direction as to tactics and places to start fishing. Without a community of good people giving great advice the trip would have not turned out as well as it did. Thanks to the Keep Austin Fishing Group, Guillermo Gonzalez and Ken, who I met at the AHS launch.
What I enjoyed most about my time on Lady Bird Lake was the people jogging, bike riding and hanging out on and around the bridges that span over the river. At one point I was fishing under the bridge with a group of no less than 75 people looking over me. I thought to myself what a great time for a giant hook set and on cue it was delivered. The crowd went wild and for a split second I felt like Randy Howell fishing the classic. That experience was cool!
All in all it was an awesome time and I would encourage those that are thinking of making this trip to do it. There are some giant bass in that lake and the scenery is unreal. I have had a ton of great fishing experiences and this one rates with the best of them. Looking forward to heading back down sooner rather than later.

One thought on “Great Times On Lady Bird Lake

  1. Dear Alan,
    Nice little post about Lady Bird. I fished it for the first time this past Sunday and loved it. Only got to fish about an hour but one 3.5 lb bass was worth it to me. Took my beautiful girlfriend and made an evening of it. You caught that bass in the photo by the big pylons? What were you throwing? I caught mine on a shakey head with chartreuse pepper zoom trick worm. It was a soft tap or two and he came at me or stayed put as it was hard to tell I had one kind of. I rared back and set the hook good and the fight was one. He tested my new all-star rod and pulled drag off my me Shimano Core 100mg. It was a good fight to say the least! took a nice run straight under my blue twin troller boat and jumped nice twice. I tightened the drag as I thought he was possibly going to wrap himself up in some structure. Once I lipped him about a minute or so after the hook set I saw the hook was good in top of his mouth about three inches back. Plies took it out easy and it was photo time!
    There was a ton of rowers competing for a college rowing event so we slipped off into a secluded pond like area that was much calmer and fished from 5:30 to 6:30. Yuri my girlfriend drove the boat in and I loaded it on the trailer. There were some row coaches from UT struggling to get this jon boat used for the event onto the trailer. I went over and set the trailer receiver on the hitch and stood on it as they wrastled the boat on the trailer. They said another truck was coming to get this boat and trailer b/c the ball was too big. I changed that plan by removing the bolt and nut that was locking the receiver and mashing it down on the ball and click it locked & back went the bolt and nut. I went back to my truck and it was then decided a little further down the road that Yuri and I would try Hopdoddy burger place in round rock by Chuy’s. It was great and the wait was not as long as they said. We made it home around 10:30 and off to bed for big Lady Bird lake bass dreams!

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