The Ripple Effect

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There is one thing I love about kayak fishing more than anything else; hitting the water, at first light, is the top of the mountain. The wind is down, the water is like glass and you and the kayak move effortlessly through the water. You roll up to your favorite spot and take your first shot of the day. The bait goes flying through the morning air and softly lands on the water. There’s just something beautiful about the ripple effect. That got me to thinking about what ripple effect are we causing in our sport?

The ripple effect is defined this way, a spreading effect caused by a single action or event. It can be also thought of as the domino effect. You’re probably asking what does this have to do with kayak fishing. I say it has a lot to do with our sport. With the spring fishing season upon us I am hearing from and seeing a bunch of new people getting kayaks and asking for advice. Most of the folks I’m dealing with aren’t as hardcore as the rest of us, but getting into the sport nonetheless. These guys are eager to listen, learn and try out what they have learned. They also need folks to fish with and take an interest in putting them in the right fishing situation so that they can have an enjoyable experience. I know that most of us always take time for the new guy and to encourage, listen and teach what we know. That’s the ripple effect I’m talking about; paying it forward to new people in our sport and supporting them in what they are trying to do. I get excited to see new Facebooks groups, bloggers and videos. I try to reach out to those guys and let them know we all appreciate their work. The more folks we have talking, blogging and videoing kayak fishing the better the content will become. Positive ripple effects, just like the bait thrown in the exact spot produces an excellent and rewarding result.

Sometimes you have to ask the hard questions. First, am I taking more from the kayak table than I’m bringing to it? Second, am I the type of person that is welcoming to new guys and encouraging what they’re trying to do? Third, Do I always fish with the same crowd? Lastly, Do I enjoy helping out and seeing others reach goals and milestones? These questions are things I ask myself weekly, because if you’re not careful you find yourself pushing potential people away instead of bringing folks closer, while focusing more on what you are trying to achieve.

You know those pictures above the dentist chair, the ones meant to relax you? The other day I saw this quote above the chair, “Your thoughts and actions are like stones dropped into still waters causing ripples to spread as they move outward.” This season take inventory of yourself and be that better person, the guy who is a friend to all and walks in line with promoting one of the fastest growing segments of the fishing population. Take time to say thank you to the folks that brought you into the sport, thank those that are following and supporting your fan pages and videos. Also take time to apologize to those that you may have offended, disagreed with or grown apart from. What kind of ripple effect are you having on people?

Those are my thoughts. Feel free to agree, disagree or share a story about what you are doing to further the sport. I look forward to hearing from you

Keep Living The Dream!

2 thoughts on “The Ripple Effect

  1. Very interesting article.

    Isn’t odd how a trip to a dentist office can make us think. Personally I lean toward the novacaine or the knock out gas that affecting our brains. LOL. I have been kayak fishing in the fresh waters of upper NYS for about 6 years.

    I spent 3 years on a part time basis working with and for but here in the North, not in Houston. for the New England area, It is odd how the serious kayakers would prefer to fish from a standard cockpit sit in kayak than a SOT in freshwater than take the “risk” of ‘falling out” of a kayak fishing boat.

    Only a few of the larger sellers carry the Solid brands here in our area. The exception is the coastal businesses that really get the nature of the sport and carry good fishing boat inventory. My attempts to sell accessories to the more northern stores was much like pulling teeth from a duck (did yah see what I did there?) Just kidding.

    It sounds as though your efforts as well s mine have been mostly internet based. I can’t begin to tell you the number of folks on Black Lake NY that have stopped their bass Boat to ask me “what the heck kind of boat is that and why don’t you get a power boat?”

    I really thought my whole sale efforts for yak Gear would make an inroad into the lack of knowledge that store owners have about SOT fishing up north and get them to make some effort to educate their fishermen customers in their area.

    Quoting George Bush “Not Gonna Happen.”

    I try to spread the word and assist those that ask me online questions. I wish I had ocean fishing experience. I have fished All of my life, but for the most part the ocean is too far, the equipment for occasional use is too expensive and I understand some of those fish might eat you! LOL

    If you can’t tell by know I enjoy laughter in life.

    I love kayak fishing and have had many great experiences.

    Oh, maybe this is just the knock out gas talking.

    Yes we all need to do more.

    Terry S
    A self titled Booster
    Kayak Fishing Fever @kayakfishingfvr on Twitter

    Good article thanks

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