Spring Bass Crazy

This is the time of year that we suffered through the long winter for. Just a few weeks ago it was thirteen degrees and we were in the firm grasp of the Polar Vortex. That Vortex may have pushed back the spawn across the country, but with warming trends around the North Texas area I just could help myself. I managed to work my schedule, allowing me to be on the water most days by three o’clock. This is the time when it can be on at any moment I decided I needed to be more prepared and ask for a little help from the big man.


The Spring season gives me a sense of confidence! It could be false confidence, but confidence nonetheless. It allows me to pull the Hobie Pro Angler 14 up shallow and use the Parking Pole, from Yak-Attack to set upon my favorite area and begin to mediate on just the right presentation to make the big girl bite. My current fishing condition is still pre-spawn, Thank You Polar Vortex, but I have found a bunch of little males up shallow which can only mean one thing. It’s about to be on.
Ray Roberts Checking It Out

Where ever you find yourself this weekend, whether its on the tournament trail, private water lakes, skinny water ponds or crappie camp I hope your board is loaded with plus 20″s. Yes, it’s time and it’s time to go big, dust off the kayak from it’s winter hibernation and hit your favorite water hole. Should you find yourself in need of the latest kayak gadget don’t forget to check out Mariner-Sails. The guys there have stocked up for the Spring and are ready to receive you.



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