Elements Don’t Hold These Guys Back!

Even Though It Was Tough Matt Scotch Found Away To Make It Happen!

Even Though It Was Tough Matt Scotch Found Away To Make It Happen!

Bad Weather Didn't Keep Adrian Acosta Off Lake Texoma

Bad Weather Didn’t Keep Adrian Acosta Off Lake Texoma


This weekend marked the marathon stretch of being in the promotional staff for any company that is into the show scene. We had an excellent time with Mariner-Sails and the Steve & Lisa Oxenford from Hobie Cat.  While I stood in the booth talking about the greatness of Kayak Bass Adventures and Hobie Fishing it seemed strange to see my Pro Angler 14 all dressed up but no water to float in. My mind wondered outside and my thoughts were with the guys that were out on Lake Texoma and Lake Fork making their Kayak Bass Adventures come true. The following are their stories of braving high winds, rain and possibilities of snow. However, as true Kayak Bass Adventurers they came through in a big way!

Fishing can be tough in any weather pattern. Whether there isn’t enough wind, too much wind or its cold or it’s hot; kayak fishing is seldom easy, just ask Adrian Acosta and Matt Scotch. I have known these two guys for some time and I now that they are passionate about their kayak fishing. As I was finishing my duties at the Dallas Boat Expo these two guys were coming off the water with some really nice catches.

I don’t know much about Lake Texoma, but Adrian Acosta is one who knows his way around. With the weather conditions being so inconsistent this winter the fishing can be shut down with the slightest adjustment in pressure. When I spoke to Adrian about his catch he told me that they had been on bigger fish earlier in the week, but last Saturday was a struggle.  He caught his stripper on 1 ounce Roadrunner jig trolling it very slowly. Even though he didn’t get the numbers he sure did get the quality. This fish landed his team in the top three for the start of kayak wars.

Matt Scotch chased a different bass this last weekend. He tried to coax the largemouth bass from its winter cover. In speaking to Matt, he said it was all about knowing the elements and being one with the fish. He noticed that his temps were one degree different from where others were fishing and that one degree made a difference. He caught this quality bass on a lipless crank using a medium retrieve. He was able to find some grass and rip it through. This tactic was all it took to land this great tournament keeper. Matt also used persistence and when others left he stayed and continued fishing. Long paddles, loading and unloading and traveling to a new spot made the difference for Scotch this last weekend. Way to stick it out.

As I am writing this, it is snowing! I know that somewhere there are anglers braving the elements to find “The One”. Kayak anglers love the extremes and the face of the challenge. Not everyone is made to fight the elements, but those of us who are can grab some good fish. As for me, I will be back at the Boat Expo this weekend meeting new people and promoting the sport I am passionate about. I wouldn’t have it any other way!


4 thoughts on “Elements Don’t Hold These Guys Back!

  1. Kudos to braving the elements. And snow in Texas is unusual. (I once rode a bicycle from Ga to AZ during January and February.) All of us that are still crazy or stupid enough to live so far North like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, PA and NY etc… would love to be paddling, let alone fishing. On my last outing in December, I used my boat as an icebreaker to crunch through 40 feet of ice just to get to open water.

    It is so great to see those great fish. Awesome! My personal goal is to say I have paddled in my home state of NY during every month of the year. Consecutive months is not going to happen this year. January frozen! February starting the same. I have just those two months remaining to meet the goal. So maybe next year. Maybe February will be kinder. Yesterday we received a foot of snow!

    As you so perfectly stated “… promoting the sport I am passionate about. I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

    Kayakfishingfever -Terry Sturtevant

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