The Good, Bad & Ugly – Lake Grapevine

Tournament season has started and all I did last week was look forward to the weekend so I could get out and show the field what I had learned in the off season. There had been several reports posted on forums showing that bass have been caught, in January, on Lake Grapevine. I had visited with some local powerboat guys and felt comfortable about my strategy as well as the tips they had give me. Hold on – those tips and pictures came at the tail end of a warming trend. As I checked the forecast I see that a massive cold front is coming through and temps will most likely be in 20’s at takeoff. I decided to roll anyway, in hopes of cash and prizes coming my way, heck the Elite BASS pros fish in this kind of weather why I can’t?

The 4:00 a.m. wake up call came quick on Tournament day. I had just tucked myself in less than four hours ago, what am I thinking? Check the temp – warming trend it’s only 30 degrees, game on! I go through the pregame rituals and grab some breakfast and coffee while rolling to the check in. The current temp is 31 – Still Game On! As I roll up to the check in I begin seeing all the guys who make this a great sport, my buddies on the tournament trail. We get out and tell each other how much we missed each other and that we are freaking crazy for fishing a non power plant tournament in DFW in January. After a little crying we all bundled up, signed the releases and headed to the secret launch locations.

It takes me a while to unload the Pro Angler 14, due to my addiction to bringing too much stuff. Side note, going to have to reduce as the Spring arrives and the water warms, but its 32 degrees and I don’t think the early morning bite is where it’s at. An hour later I am on the water and my tournament day has started! I figure with water temperatures in the low to mid 40’s I would work the jerk bait. I make my third cast, half way through the chorus of “You Make My Dreams Come True” by the “Great” Hall & Oates when my Jerk bait gets hammered. I put the giant hook set and feel the weight; good lord this is big bass and it’s only 7:45. After fifteen seconds I realized it wouldn’t be big bass and disappointment set in when the 7.5 pound blue cat made its entrance. Needless to say that was the last action I saw until 1:30 when another blue cat spoiled my hopes of landing a qualifying bass. I’m going in empty handed!

Three take a ways. First, Hall & Oates is leaving the fishing rotation. Second, you can catch several shad at once on the jerk bait. Third, Capital City Kayak Tournament Trail is a great time and I really enjoyed seeing everyone and catching up. If you haven’t heard I wasn’t the only one who struggled. Let’s just say that one bass took first, second and third. This means everyone is still in the Angler of the Year chase. I hope to see more of you out at Lake Lewisville next month.


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