Color Me Crazy


Last week I admitted that I have a small tackle addiction and I appreciated all the great comments I received. Bottom line, now that I know that I don’t stand alone I feel much better. This week I want to get some feedback on colors. Every time I roll into a tackle shop or am looking online at new baits I get not only sucked in by the bait, but also by the color. It’s not enough to have a jig trailer in green pumpkin, but now I must also have it in dirt; seriously dirt. I can hear you saying please step away from the soft plastics sir. Well I didn’t. I fell prey to the chunk jig trailer with the dirt color scheme. I have always heard that lures aren’t designed to catch fish they are designed to catch fisherman. I realize that bait companies must make a buck, but seriously some of these colors are out of site. I’m not saying that you may not have a need for exotic or custom color from time to time, but whatever happen to just watermelon, green pumpkin, black & black. Well, they are still around you just have to rummage through all 1000 different combinations from every bait company to find the basics. I am taking a stand! No longer am I going to be sucked in by the wild and crazy, I’m going to simplify, that is until a Sharelunker is caught with the wild and crazy. Then all bets are off.

I have decided to only carry the basic shades for soft plastics, crankbaits, spinnerbaits. By limiting my selections it will confuse me less. My goal this year is to bring simple back and keep the line longer in the water; where the fish are. Colors have always been a great debate and I would love to know where you stand and how you manage the color crisis. There Are No Magic Colors!


8 thoughts on “Color Me Crazy

  1. I have to say i am color deficient. No, not about the plastics, but me personally. I have a hard time with shades. so I try to stay to basics as well. But here is my real problem. I have had little luck with plastics except for spring and fall when the water is cooler.

  2. I must admit the color names are a bit off the wall. When the ” Cali 420″ came out I was floored at the name, but I liked the color.I think overall we have our prefered choices and go to’s when color is an issue. Peanut Butter N Jelly for instance. I tried this on a jig and wow now I dont use anything else. 1 thing about bass baits is that fads come and go, but the basics are always there.
    Great topic!

  3. Man I have a jig color addiction. I rarely use anything other than black/blue or watermelon red/red but everytime I go to tacklewarehouse I see all the crazy colors. I load a cart full and them mull it over for 30 minutes. I slowly delete each one. Occasionally I keep a few but have yet to catch a fish on the odd colors haha. But they look cool I guess.

  4. Great topic Alan. I usually stick with the basics…green, watermelon, black, chart. But I will carry some of those exotic oranges and pinks just to change it up if the bite is tough. Sometimes changing up the colors pays off, sometimes it doesn’t. But I generally just stick to watermelon red as my go to, even with flies.

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