Happy, Happy, Happy New Year

With the New Year in full swing and with everyones hopes high for a fantastic year, I thought it would be fun to put out these resolutions to the Kayak Bass Fishing World. With clubs, tournament scenes and people trying to stand out in the sport egos sometime get in the way. I will admit that from time to time my ego steps in and i have to remind myself that this is my hobby and passion, not my job; so enjoy it!  Here are some resolutions that were forwarded to me from a co-worker and i thought they would fit the fishing world very well.

  1. Be Honest:   Tell the truth.  Do the right thing. Be trustworthy.
  2. Be Empathetic:   Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Listen. Care
  3. Be Appreciative:   Look for the good in people.  Express gratitude.
  4. Be Respectful:   Show care, concern and consideration.
  5. Be Tolerant:   Rather than judging others, accept their differences.


I hope everyone achieves what they want to achieve in this New Year!


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