Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

This week I have experienced something that I haven’t experienced in my life, up to this point. The feeling was ridiculous pain, so much so that it hurt to laugh, smile, and talk or express any emotion. This week I found myself in doctor’s offices and dentist chairs and not being myself. Having never experienced that level of pain I was highly concerned. I kept trying to think about what have I done that is causing this? I have changed my life habits by eating cleaner, exercising harder and guarding what goes in. So what gives? Then I figured out it’s not what I have been doing, it’s what I have done in the past that caused this issue.

For many years I used smokeless tobacco and loved every minute of it. It was what I called my pocket idol. I never left home without out and had a melt down when I couldn’t locate it. I seriously would have a minor panic attack if it wasn’t near me. I was a first class addict. Choosing to quit was a great decision and the hardest decision all at the same time. Today, I am glad that it’s behind me; however, the damage has been done.

I love to talk about ways and share tips of how to lead a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes it’s the past that catches up with you. Stop and think a minute and ask yourself do you like doing something that’s not good for and could take you away from the folks who love and care about you the most? Play in your mind all the family vacations, camping and fishing trips that will be lost. You can make major changes but it may be too late! Be proactive about your health and give yourself the best opportunities to be at the top of your game. Look at what you’re doing now that will affect you in 5, 10 or 20 years and ask yourself is it worth it?

Luckily it is not a life threatening condition and I will still be able to pursue all of our common passions: Family, Friends & Kayak Fishing!


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