Great Way To Get New People Into Tournaments – APT Kayak Shoot Out

Great Suprise, First FIsh of The Day 21.5"! Thought it was going to be Easy!

Great Suprise, First FIsh of The Day 21.5″! Thought it was going to be Easy!

I finally found a tournament that fits my needs as a kayak angler. I always enjoy fishing the Capital City Kayak Tour, but that takes work on my end; from scouting the lake to trying to establish a pattern on tournament day only to end up most of the time in defeat. I needed a confidence booster and that is what the Angler Pro Tackle Kayak Bass Shoot Out delivered. This was a fun style of tournament because you could fish your water. How many times have you heard it said, “I would have won the tournament if they would have fished it on my lake!” Well, for those of us who have said those words this was a great tournament format.

Bass fishing is a confidence sport. For me I have to be confident in where I am fishing, what I am throwing and I have to know that there are fish where I am at on the lake. The Shoot Out allowed me to have that confidence. You could fish anything from Fork to farm ponds and everything in between. I felt an air of extreme confidence when I rolled in to place my money down. I almost felt it was a sure thing for me! Little did I know others were feeling the same way and had the sticks to haul in mega inches!

I chose to fish on a lake that I have had the opportunity to manage for the last year and a half. The reason that I fished it was due to scheduling conflicts for Saturday night and Sunday. I also wanted to see if the lake could produce a stringer of 90” (+). This water has always been hot. The problem is that there had never been size in it. The water was littered with three pound heads and swim bait bodies. We put a program in place that would hopefully turn that around.

The main forage on the lake is the blue gill. I fished the blue gill, soft, plastic swimbait that was a cross between a money minnow and a ring fry; Keitech Swing Impact Fat. I had never fished the bait until I purchased it from Anglers Pro Tackle on Friday. I fished it both weightless and with a 1/8 belly hook, with great success. This lake is clear and spring fed which allows an excellent stand of hydrilla for the fish to hang out in. There are also great stands of lily pads at both ends which should make for excellent frog bite. I will have to invite someone that can teach me the Jedi Frog Trick.

In the end I finished with 80.5” and came in first out of the money. I was extremely pleased with the management plan that we have put into place. The fish were all healthy and showed zero signs of stunting. The largest fish produced on this day was 21.5” and the average came in at 16.10”. We will keep working on her and she should start producing great quality in another year to eighteen months. Thanks to all the guys who turned out and for Joe Davis for making this happen. I look forward to defending my fourth place title this coming spring. The only way to describe this tournament format is FUN!


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