Speed Isn’t Everything!

I have always wondered what it feels like to get old and not be able to compete at high levels with folks that are 10 – 15 years younger than me. I have always been in the mindset of you are as old as you feel and as young as you want to be. Well, this week I learned that getting old is not for wimps.  I also learned correct form is a must and when you think you have it all figured out the injury bug slips in.

I enjoy Cross Fit and have been active in my gym for two years. I have seen excellent results and have yet to be injured. I give all the credit in the world to my coaches who are always reminding me of the correct form. This last Monday I was in the middle of the workout and got lazy, the form went bad and bingo here comes the back strain. This made me realize several things: Speed isn’t everything, Set Up correctly and don’t think you are better than you are. If I would have taken my own advice and realized that my goals are different than the 20 – 30 year old guys I work out with this wouldn’t have happened.

Whatever situation you find yourself in you can always apply these simple principles! It’s about giving your personal best and measuring excellence against that effort. I encourage everyone to take a look at themselves and make the necessary strides.




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