Cooler Talk

power_food_010Coolers play a major role in the kayak angling world. I prefer and use the Yeti due to its ability to keep my ice cubed and food fresh. I am not here to review coolers. I am here to talk about what you place in the cooler when you are on the water. We all agree that we are the engine that gets us to and from the spots we want to fish. The engine, much like your car, needs to be taken care of so that you can get max performance when needed. This week let’s think about what goes in the cooler and how it helps make us stronger and healthier.
I recently decided to pay close attention to what I was consuming during the work week. I went to great lengths to prepare and package my foods so that I wouldn’t be tempted by the breakfast tacos, doughnuts or cookies that find their way into the office break room. I have tried that approach and it lead to getting a great sugar high followed by the beat down of the crash. It also led to unwanted weight gain. I was really doing well for the week, but the fishing weekend came and I would stock up with the sugar snacks and chips, easy food to grab and eat while fishing. I found that all the work I was doing through the week was wasted on one Saturday. I have been committed to eating foods that will enable me to perform at my best and are easy to eat from the, Flight Deck. Here are a few things that I enjoy in my cooler that helps me keep the faith and perform to my highest level on the water.
My go to foods for kayaking are: individual wrapped veggies, Planters energy mix, unsalted almonds, shredded coconut, beef jerky, sliced oranges, apple and plenty of water. All these foods play a role for me while outside. I typically start the day with a 24 gram, Cliff Builders Bar, preferably chocolate and peanut Butter. This little guy is a 325 calorie breakfast that has a great energy kick. After I launch, I break open the Planter energy mix while heading to the fishing area. I typically carry a 24 oz water bottle full of rehydrate, Advocare product. This water has tons of electrolytes and keeps me fresh and going and equips me for the heat of the day. Important note, Stay ahead of dehydration; it’s impossible to catch up and will really put you in a bind. I use the almonds and ½ the fruit for mid morning snack. I found the almonds sustain my energy level, due to protein, and the sugar from the fruit provides a little extra kick leading up to lunch. The jerky is the main course around lunch time. I get back out the fruit and coconut during the extreme heat of the day. I find that this gives me an additional kick leading into the afternoon bite. Of course I bring extra water and refill the rehydrate as necessary. These are on the water power foods and will serve you well throughout your day.
Gives these foods a chance and you will see the difference it will make in your stamina. These power foods will not lead to a massive sugar rush and epic fall. These foods will keep you even throughout your day. As always remember to have fun and set the hook!

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