When The Going Gets Tough…

Have you ever felt that you were in an episode of candid camera? For those of you too young to remember the greatness of the first, “Reality Show”, this program brought carefully placed humor to unsuspecting folks. It will be engrained in my memory how the people looked around having to think is this really happening and why is it happening to me? Then at the last minute when it is too much to bear you would hear the famous music and hear the words that you were on candid camera. Well, that about sums up my week.

The week had been progressing as usual, with no real issues except the normality of real life. Then Wednesday it hits. When I say it hits, it hits big. Starting with the garage refrigerator going down, and then progressing to the I-Phone, having to replace both batteries in the truck. I posted on the KBA Facebook page a list of all the items to that point and asked, “Anything Else”? Well, I received a response from Joe Davis, telling me to be careful. I should have listened to him because it continued to progress steadily downhill from there. You can now add to the list: pool timer on the blink, downstairs air conditioner not operable and the washer deciding that it would be a good time for a break as well. Goodness, how much can one man stand? I can handle the A/C. I take the camping mindset and get out all the fans and lay perfectly still. After numerous flips and flops, like the bass on the board, I can usually get to sleep. The big issue is the washer. For those of you with teenage kids you know they have their favorite clothes and crisis always happens in the eleventh hour.

It’s Thursday at 8:45, p.m. and we have a crisis. Big sweet sixteen birthday party for my daughters’ friend and the favorite outfit is dirty. Well as any good guy would do I volunteer to head off to the Kwik Wash to use their equipment. You have to realize that I haven’t been to a laundry mat in over 20 years. The last time I went you could wash and dry for around $3.50. I quickly learned that I am in the wrong business. To wash one load is $3.00 and to dry is $2.00. I look at my money situation and realize I have $4.75. I had shear panic in my heart when I realized I was one quarter short. But, hey, adapt overcome and conquer. I saw that there was a package store in the same strip center so I went down to buy a snack and get some cash back. Problem is they don’t have snacks and they don’t offer a cash back option. So I buy a, warm, 24 oz beverage and persuade the guy to charge me an extra dollar so I could get $5 back. Mission accomplished. Made my way back to the Kwik Wash and proceeded with the plan.

I am one that has to have a positive take away. So feeling sorry for myself I began to think about what those were. First, it’s amazing the people you meet on a Thursday night at the Kwik Wash. The kind of folks that will give you a quarter when your one short. Second, there is nothing like sharing a warm beverage, with your wife, while handling a late night emergency. Third, at least they had air conditioning that worked. I counted up all my blessing and decided it wasn’t that bad! Heck, what an experience. Met new folks, overpaid for laundry and enjoyed cool temperatures.

I always say that when the going gets tough, the tough go fishing! I figure with all the bad luck I had this week there has bound to be a personal best laying just off the drop off. So enough of the sob story and on to the water; when you’re faced with interesting circumstances always remember the good and make the most of the opportunities you are given because they do build your character! Oh, I never heard the music or the words letting me know this had been a well calculated prank.



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