Back in the Game at Mineral Wells Magic

Mineral Wells Texas is known for their magical healing waters and excellent hill country views. However, they also have an excellent bass fishery in Mineral Wells State Park. I had the opportunity this week to slip down for a couple of days and it was a magical.

Many of you read last week’s post and saw that I have been in the throes of family weddings, moving and remodeling. Well, with that behind me I needed some time in the fortress of solitude. It’s real refreshing for me to spend time on the water and reflect about the direction of life, while pursuing my passion for kayak bass fishing.

I arrived Friday afternoon and hit the water just in time for some top water action. I found the fish to be located on the flat adjacent to the island and the swimming area. I called upon my TFO, GTS series spinning rod to deliver heart stopping action. I decided to throw the Strike King, KVD, caffeine shad. Let me tell you that the weightless action of the bait paired with the fast action rod was the ticket. I didn’t land any monsters, but numbers were plentiful.

MS Magic

Every trip has that moment of epic failure and this trip didn’t disappoint. It was late and I was fishing the drop off adjacent to the island. I decide to go big and look for the big bite in deeper water. I grabbed my medium heavy, GTS series, TFO rod and begin searching with the 10” black and blue Power worm. It didn’t take long to get hooked up. The battle was on. I knew it was big when it jumped and by the load on the rod I put the estimate at, plus, eight pounds. The battle continued with the up and down, several jumps and the run around the boat. I am ready to land my prize and enter pilot error. The fish made one more little run and I decided to horse it and not play it. The big girl hits the side of the boat and it was game over. It was a true agony of defeat moment!

Next day, new morning numerous possibilities abound. Started off the day back on the same flat catching fish on top with the Strike King Caffeine shad. From there went back out to the scene of the crime to try again- no takers. Decided that a new game plan was needed and decided to scan some rock pile and drops on the other side of the lake. Began catching small bass and being tormented by the perch. It was time to go big. Decided to roll with the TFO, GTS series, heavy rod. Tied on my favorite Santone finesse jig and go to town. Third cast, bam, 20” bass. This is what I’m talking about. Spent the rest of the day catching quality fish and meeting lots of new friends.

MS magic 2

Lake Mineral Wells State Park is a magical place for the kayak bass fishing. This lake is the perfect size for kayaks and provides excellent opportunities to catch numbers and to catch quality. I encourage you to check it out the next time you’re in the area. You’ll be glad you did.


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