For those of you that are following Kayak Bass Adventures via Blog, Facebook and/or Twitter you have noticed that it has been less than active as of late. There are several good reasons for the lack of posting the latest fishing adventure. First of all due to family scheduling (weddings and remodels), there have not been any Kayak Bass Adventures. There have been other great adventures, but none related to fishing. Below are some thoughts on what’s been going on.

For the past several months my wife and I have been looking for a home and we finally found it. Problem is that it needed a lot of work and T.L.C. Since I am in the construction industry, I decided to handle the remodel myself. I under estimated the time and things that I had forgotten in the building sequence-due to riding the desk and not being in the field from day to day. Good news is that my subcontractors are some of the best and help me get through with flying colors. The greatest part of the house is the pool and not for the obvious reason. I found the pool to be an excellent test lab for new and exciting fishing techniques.

Alan Sladek New House

Secondly, my brother’s wedding had the family wound up the majority of the summer. Everyone that has had family get married knows the process- enough said! All in all, he couldn’t have chosen a better woman. They both fill gaps that the other is weak in. The ceremony was outstanding and I was blessed to be a part of it. Other than the wedding, I enjoyed seeing people that I hadn’t seen in years. The one thing about old friends is that no matter the time apart, it feels that you were never gone. A smoking hot time was had by all!
Now that you are caught up on what happened this summer, I look forward to getting back in the saddle. I appreciate everyone out there for their support and understanding that family is the most important thing you have and that taking care of their needs are foremost.
Alan Sladek

NOTE: Don’t hesitate to leave a comment about your latest adventure. Let me live vicariously through your good times….


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