For the Kayak Angler the spring is what we live for. The spring season is loaded with tournaments, clinics, shows and, oh yes, the opportunity to catch that pre-spawn monster bass. You can see that it is easy to get caught up in the business of “The Spring.” I am the worlds worst about getting caught up in this side of fishing. Where’s the next tournament? Did I pick up the latest addition of Bassmaster?  Did I reline and oil the reels? Did I organize the tackle? Is there room for another sticker? The sad thing is I could keep going on and, and, on.  I often ponder this question. What is my role in the sport? I found the answer I was looking for with this last weekend trip.

MottoI had the great honor to fish with the Dallas / Fort Worth chapter of Heroes on the Water. The outing was located on a private lake within the Frito Lay corporate campus. The day was outstanding and ranks as one of the most powerful days in my life. I want to thank George Chrisman and Dave Potts for letting me and my family hangout with all the Heroes.

I met a lot of new friends on Saturday and will look forward to helping this outstanding organization wherever possible.

Ready!For those of you that are not familiar with Heroes on the Water, their goal is to help veterans heal physical and mental wounds thru kayak angling. The motto is: Paddle, Fish, Heal and I see that it works. Fishing became secondary to me on this day. I was caught up in the stories between the guys and watching first timers get their feet wet in our sport.  The whole day was just outstanding!

Shoving OffLooking for a way to give back to those who have given so much for you and our freedoms? Take a few minutes and visit and see how you might be able to become a part of this awesome organization. Kayak Bass Adventures is working on a couple of things that will, hopefully, create additional awareness and raise funds for these guys.I challenge you to make Heroes on the Water a part of your daily conversations you have with people in your life. Take the time to share their Facebook page and video with your friends.

We are all ambassadors and in my opinion there is no greater cause to represent.
The spring brings new changes and opportunities to the landscape. The grass is greener, the days get longer and the fish come alive. Help make positive changes in people’s lives by becoming a supporter of Heroes on the Water. I know my family is hooked.  I am striving not to fulfill my personal needs, but to help others reach were they want to go.  Heroes on the Water do just that!

George SHowing the ropesHOW Inside Information







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