New Gear!

In this sport you never get anywhere on your own. It takes a dedicated team of people who share the same passion for the sport. Many of these people are here in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area. Without people pushing it to the limits and bringing new technologies to the market it would be difficult for me to enjoy the sport at the level I currently do. Many thanks go out to the folks that have great imagination and vision. Great companies such as Mariner-Sails, Yak-Attack, Hobie, Hook One and the list goes on. Thanks to you guys for making it easy for the non DIY guys.

This last week has been a great week for the Kayak Bass Adventures team. We had the opportunity to visit with an outstanding company that makes great, affordable, products for the bass fishing community. I am speaking of the TFO Tactical Series of rods. I look at rods like a golfer would look at clubs. Having the options to choose the right rod for the right presentation; let me tell you there are plenty of options. From the 7’9” Pitch & Crank Rod that assist you in pulling your trophy from heavy cover to the 6’-3” Drop Shot Spinning Rod with an extremely soft tip allowing you to detect the softest of bites. TFO has a full line up of Tactical Bass gear and they come in all lengths and actions.


How many times have you been on the water and reached for your favorite rod only to find out the guide was jacked up? It’s happened to me more than once. With the new TFO Tactical Series Guides, you should no longer have that problem. These guides are high performance and designed to withstand a beating. The guide features a super hard-chrome anodized, stainless steel insert pressed into a machined, hard anodized, chromium impregnated stainless steel frame. This makes it durable for both fresh and salt water action. All I can say is that it’s lighter, stronger and will withstand me beating it around the kayak. There are so many features that make these rods outstanding and I look forward to bringing them to you over several posts.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for a rod that can withstand the rigors of Kayak Bass Fishing and are extremely affordable look no further than the TFO Tactical Series of rods. For me these are just like my American Express Card. I never leave home without them. I look forward to seeing you out on the water and on the tournament trails. Feel free to track me down and experience the greatness for yourself! TFO has blended together the perfect amount of power and finesse in this new line of rods and Kayak Bass Adventures is proud to be associated with them!

Check them out online: www.TFORODS.COM


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