Building Stamina

As an average guy with an expansive waste line and little stamina, who enjoys the beauty of a chicken fried steak over a side of fries compared to a rugged hike up hill to take in a sunset, I decided that would have to change if I wanted adventure in my life. It has been instilled in me over years, from boy scouts to manhood, Be Prepared. How could I be prepared for adventure when it was an adventure getting out of bed on most days?

A year and a half ago I was enjoying a Whataburger, combo #1, in the office parking lot when I saw a sign that said Elite Sports Training & Crossfit. I had no idea what Crossfit was, but did understand the concept of sports training. I stepped into a warehouse, with no air conditioning and limited equipment. This is no big box gym where you go to check in and check out the scene. This place is about results!

After a quick introduction, I decided that this was for me.  I have spent the last year and a half in a transformation stage that I never expected. Today I am more explosive, stronger and have a greater endurance than I had just a year earlier. It took the courage it took to walk into that door.

I applied my Crossfit experience to what I wanted to take on next, which was competitive bass fishing from a kayak.

Crossfit gave me the necessary tools to compete on a higher level in the kayak fishing community. It enables me to go farther faster and stay out lo nger even during the intense Texas heat and winds.

I realize that this isn’t for everyone, but my goal is to challenge you to start doing something to fill that adventure hole inside you!  Whether it’s walking around the block or doing body weight exercises in your home. Anything you do to better your physical abilities will pay a 100% return on what you decide to do in your personal life.

Who would have ever thought that a weak middle aged guy would find adventure in a Crossfit gym in North Richland Hills Texas?  It’s waiting for you, check out the link to the box and enjoy!

Keep Living The Dream!

Kansas 2010 Hunting Trip 009 photo (2)

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